Thursday, 26 July 2012

9. The Calm Before The Storm

Nicki sat and fidgeted as she waited for her name to be called out. The room was pretty full and almost everybody looked as though they fit the part of a doctor's receptionist. It wasn't, by any means, her dream job but she felt as though she at least had to try, she felt awful for not working since Jayson was born but she hated leaving him with other people. It was only a part-time job but at least she would be contributing and not just laying all of the responsibility on Safaree, and this way Jay and Alia got to spend time alone with their dad too. She trusted Safaree with her life and their kids lives but she couldn't help but think about them and worry like any normal mother, only she had other reasons to worry. Suddenly a small voice snapped her out of her thoughts as a young woman ushered her into the office.

"Jay, please. Cheerios are for eating. Not throwing." Safaree huffed as he picked up the many cereal bits off of the carpet whilst Jay stuffed another handful into his mouth and started crunching them up. He couldn't help but laugh at his son's cheeky face, it reminded him so much of Nicki when she had done something she shouldn't have like the time she accidentally broke his mother's best china mug when they were in their teens. As his thoughts progressed he got a text from her.

On my way home, don't ask about the interview! -__- xx

He sighed hoping that it wasn't as bad she was trying to make out but it didn't sound great. He texted her back as he took Jay's empty bowl back into the kitchen knowing that Nicki would freak if she saw food in the lounge room. "Come on little man! I saw your room boy, how does someone so tiny make such a big ass mess?!" He laughed as he threw Jay over his shoulder and started up the stairs. He quickly shushed his giggling son remembering that Alia was having her afternoon nap. He was slightly glad Nicki would be home when she woke up, he didn't exactly have the right tools to be feeding her. "Kay, go tidy up and then Mommy and Daddy are gon' take you out, yeah?" Safaree stood back up straight as Jay ran to his room and started packing away his toys. Hearing a car pull up he knew Nicki was home and slowly descended the stairs to greet her.

"Sooo?" He questioned as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. She didn't answer, she just shut the front door and placed her keys in the key bowl, letting her bag drop to the floor. "Nic? Come on, I'm sure it wasn't that bad?" He moved to the front of her so he could look at her face to face but he saw the tears in her eyes threatening to fall and pulled her over to the couch sitting her on his lap as he fell back on to it.

"They were brutal." She sniffled after she finally spoke, trying to wipe the make-up filled tears as they rolled down her face. "They started questioning me on my previous jobs and achievements and shit and then they got on to family and all that. And..." She let her head fall on to his chest as more tears started to fall.

"And what babe?" He kept tight hold of her, he hated seeing her like this and honestly he felt like he only ever saw her like this, making him more determined to give her, Jay and Alia a day to remember.

"I don't know, I just...started crying and then, I couldn't stop and they said I didn't seem likely to cope and that I wasn't what they had in mind." Truthfully she knew she had given them a bad impression but they were so cold towards her and showed her no empathy whatsoever when she broke down in tears, clearly inconsolable. "Anyway, I'm done crying 'bout them. I want my quality time with you and our babies." She wiped away the last of her tears, her nose sounded stuffy from crying and she looked really pale and tired. He kissed he gently before responding.

"Why don't you go have a sleep while Alia is still napping and I'll sort out the security camera installation stuff? Then when y'all are wake we can go?" He jolted his legs purposely, making her bounce and start to laugh.

"Yeah, I think I will actually I don't feel too good. Thanks babe." She kissed him again before trudging up the stairs and into their room. She thought Jay must have been asleep too so decided to change into more comfy clothes and then go check on the kids but before she could even take her jacket off Jay came bolting into her room.

"Mommy!!" He took a flying leap of faith as he ran towards her, luckily Nicki managed to catch him mid flight before moving over to her bed and collapsing on to it, being careful not to land on him.

"Hey JayMan!! You had a good day with daddy?" She asked as she wiped crumbs from around his mouth. He laughed and nodded snuggling up closer to her. She really wanted to get out of her jeans but she loved moments like these with Jay and so decided to just stay where she was. To no surprise they both fell asleep curled up in the middle of the king-sized bed. Walking past the bedroom Safaree couldn't help but smile at how small they both looked in the centre of the bed. He looked at his watch which read 2:30pm, he had managed to get some guys over to set up the cameras at 3:00pm so he decided to let them all sleep. They wouldn't have much time out now, so he figured it would do no harm to put off their family day until tomorrow. He had a weird feeling anyway and Nicki did look really ill to him. He made his way back into their room quietly after checking on Alia, who was also still asleep. Placing a hand on Nicki's forehead he frowned feeling how hot she was.

"Imma turn the heat down and just have to face her wrath later." He mumbled as he pulled her shoes off carefully trying not to wake either her or Jay.


A good three hours later Safaree was just seeing the camera installation guys out of the house and was busy preparing dinner. He was making something light to eat and then after the kids were in bed he had a special meal planned for himself and Nicki. Alia had woken up a while ago so he had sat her in her baby chair so he could keep an eye on her while he cooked. He was relieved that she was in a relatively chirpy mood and wasn't yet hungry. Before long he heard Nicki and Jay making their way downstairs and he couldn't help but laugh at them both looking like zombies not to mention the fact that she had wrapped her big pink blanket around them both.

"Why is it so damn cold in here? You turn the heat off?" She squinted at him as he dished three small plates of food up and put them on the place mats.

"Nic your forehead was like, on fire. No joke, so yes I maybe turned the heat down a little." He showed her how much using his fingers and emphasised 'a little'. She just looked at him with her brow raised and sat Jay down before turning the heat back up to full whack. "Anyway, how are you feelin'?" he asked after shaking his head at her fixing the heat.

"Mmm, a little better...I guess." She wrapped the blanket around herself even more as she sat down next to Jay. They continued to exchange small talk as they ate before Nicki fed Alia and then both got the kids ready for bed, even though Jay had just woken up he did get up earlier that morning because Nicki stirred him when she was getting ready for her interview so he was super tired after his fun day with his dad. Safaree turned their lights off as he headed back down to the kitchen where Nicki was filling the dish washer. Her robe was still open at the front from when she fed Alia, she was clad in a pink thong and nothing else but her robe. As she went to tie it up around her front Safaree intercepted from behind and pulled her hands away turning her to face him. He pushed her gently against the kitchen countertop and lifted her to sit on it as he smoothed his hands up her thighs, her hands came down to stop him but he pushed them away. It seemed forceful but he could always tell if she didn't want to go any further. She definitely wasn't giving him that feeling so he moved his hands even further up until he reached the hem of her thong and carefully pulled it off as he spread her legs apart and stood in between them. Neither had spoken a word but it was like they were communicating through their actions. Small moans escaped her mouth as he started sucking on her neck, getting lower and lower leaving small passion marks wherever he lingered. Placing her hands on the top of his head she lifted her right leg up to rest on the counter, giving him more access as he worked his tongue on her centre. She had to let go of his head and grip on to the countertop as he speeded up the movement, making her moan louder. She came minutes later, but before she had time to recover he picked her up with her automatically wrapping her legs around his waist as he sat her on the edge kitchen table letting her lay back whilst he stood himself in between her parted legs again, this time ready to penetrate. She always thought it was sweet how he would silently ask permission before actually inserting himself into her. She gave him a look that let him know she wanted it just as much as him, feeling his erection pressed against her was driving her mad. She hadn't even noticed his clothes come off as she tried to shimmy her arms out of her robe. It was safe to say that she was no longer feeling the cold. He intertwined his fingers with hers as he pulled her to sit upright again before he slowly pushed himself inside of her.

"Mmm...keep going." He did as she asked making her hips buck to meet his thrusts as they became more intense. "Ahh Faree..!" Her head was now resting on his shoulder so every noise she made was directly next to his ear, turning him on even more. He started sucking, biting and nipping on her neck causing her to break out into a pattern of goose bumps all over her body.

"Mm, stop...get down and turn around." He whispered and gently pulled out letting her do what he asked, she leaned over the edge of the table and lay with her chest pressed against the surface of it ready for him to enter her from behind. They both let out harmonised moans and grunts as he re-entered and increased the speed of his thrusts, pulling her arms up above her head to lie flat on the table with his resting on top. They were being exceptionally loud, but obviously not loud enough to wake the kids as they hadn't even stirred.

Standing awkwardly he wasn't sure if he should knock again but decided against it. He didn't want to seem rude or interfering especially after the way Safaree was the other morning. Turning to walk away he heard her calling for him to 'come in'. Hesitantly entering he walked towards the kitchen, he could hear voices and figured Safaree must be home.

"Yes! Uhh Faree I'm coming!" She screamed as she raked her nails roughly up his back, they were now facing one another again with her back pressed up against the fridge door and her legs wrapped securely around his waist pulling him deeper into her. He was hitting her spot repeatedly and was about to bust as well, stroking long and deep he let out a low groan feeling her walls tighten around him. Nicki opened her eyes only to see Drake walking towards the doorway and stop suddenly as he saw them. "Shit, Faree!" She frantically started pushing at Safaree's chest making him back away looking confused as Nicki scrambled to try and cover herself. "Drake! What the fuck!? You just walk into our fuckin' house without knocking now?!" Safaree turned quickly at the same time as using his body to cover Nicki and grabbing his shirt from the floor to cover himself.

"You heard her! The fuck you doin' here nigga?!" He yelled, moving closer to Drake whilst Nicki snatched her robe off of the kitchen table and fastened it tightly around her waist.

"Look, I swear it was an honest mistake! I thought you yelled 'come in' but obviously you were...screaming.....something else." He looked down feeling the awkwardness fill the room as he rubbed his hand up the back of his head. Safaree was beyond pissed and was getting in Drake's face as he tried explain why he was there....

*Super sorry it's been a while and I REEAALLLY hate this chapter :'''( but I had to post something! I'm back at uni now -__- but mum and I smartly arranged my timetable so that ALL off my topics are crammed into two days, two very longs days but that means I get 2-3 days a week to study at home. So I might be able to post more regularly than I had hoped. Also I almost passed out when Nicki tweeted that she would be coming to my city in October!!! ^___^ Can't wait! And before I start I would like to thank all the people who sent me wishes about my stupid legs -__- I might need surgery the way things are looking right now BUT that would mean I will be unable to walk so definitely more time to type XD Well hope this chapter is ok for you all :/ *


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