Monday, 9 July 2012


Kay Barbz, I'm bout to post BUT, and that's a big ass but, I just wanted to let you all know that I LOVE Drake as an individual and he and Nic are cute together AS FRIENDS *Martha voice* and friends only! I support ONIKAFAREE all the way tho, nothing can beat their cuteness! ^____^
Well back to business, I am still writing chapter 5 for HIA and I am also still in the middle of writing the next chapter for FY too so...sit tight it won't be too long! ^_^
And those comments? WOW guys. I was shocked that I actually got that many!!! Almost cried :'') ...I didn't really but it seemed as though some hint of strong emotion needed to be inserted there! I was amazed though, so THANK YOU!! A lot of them had me in hysterics, like seriously, I was cryingg!!
Well thanks for reading and commenting ^_^ Muuah *kisses the Barbz*


  1. Lol at no one commenting but I suppurt Dricki 100 percent doe but wat happened 2 ur dricki bloggs?

    1. :''''( I don't have any Dricki blogs :/ I had one that started off with Nic and Drake together but then turned it 'round into Onikafaree