Sunday, 15 July 2012

7. While The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play... (Part One)

*Mkaaay, thanks to Jazzi I may have realised that YES she should have called the police XD My baad BUT Nicki wasn't sure if it was actually in the house, so not wanting to cause a fuss she thought of calling Drake :) hahaa hope you enjoy! *

Nicki cautiously and quietly edged around the corner into the kitchen to have a better look, she didn't realise she was shaking until she heard her bangles clattering. Swiftly moving around to see there was nothing there. But something didn't feel quite right, it was almost like somebody was watching her and she couldn't exactly ignore what she had just heard or did she really hear it? What if it was all in her head? She sighed and pulled the scrap of paper off of the fridge and thought, surely it would do no harm just to call someone to check the house out, she couldn't really call the police out as there was no official intruder or anything and she definitely didn't want to waste their time for a jumpy, overprotective mother. Picking up the phone she dialled the number and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" He answered sleepily.

"Hey, Drake, it's Nicki? Nicki Samuels?"

"I know who you are silly, I only saw you yesterday! So you found the number I left you then?" He sounded quite smug which Nicki wasn't really taking to.

"Yes I did, thank you...but next time don't leave anything on the fridge. Jay hates that. Lucky for both you and I he didn't see it." She sounded quite abrupt but tried to keep it kind seeing as she need him to come investigate her house.

"Oh, my bad I'm sorry. So, uhh, what did you call for?" He remained sweet which again made her feel bad for being short with him, she sighed before answering.

"Well, it sounds ridiculous and I'm not crazy or anything but I definitely heard a noise in my house and..." she trailed off.

"...and?" He urged her to continue.

"I dunno, I just feel like somebody is watching me." Drake noticed her voice go lower and she was harder to hear.

"You want me to come over? I mean it's no trouble. I live, like, ten minutes away."

"Are you sure, I don't wanna disturb your evening or plans or whatever?" She didn't want to say that but she felt rude otherwise.

"No problem I'll be over there soon, make sure your doors are locked and only answer if you know it's me." She heard him shuffling around. "I'm heading out now, see you soon."

Nicki put the phone down as she went and checked the doors, closing all of the curtains and blinds as she did so. She went to check on Jay and Alia too before Drake arrived, they were still sound asleep. She was pleasantly surprised by this, usually Jay was a terrible sleeper and only seemed to settle if he was asleep with Nicki and Safaree in their bed. Suddenly remembering Safaree wouldn't be home all night made her feel sad but before she could delve further into that feeling their was a light knock on the door. Jogging down the stairs she ran over to the peephole only to see Drake stood rubbing his hands together in a feeble attempt to keep warm. She opened the door to let him in.

"Hey, thanks for coming." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before something caught her eye, there was somebody stood in front of her neighbours house and it looked as though they were watching them.

"Nicki? Hello?" He waved his hand in her face.

"What? Oh right sorry, come in." She moved aside to let him in and looked back over to where she saw the figure, whoever it was had gone. Drake had noticed her still stood in the doorway and walked over to her.

"What are you lookin' at?" He made her jump but she managed to suppress her scream with her hand.

"What the hell?! Don"t do that!" She whispered as she shut the door.

" where was this noise coming from?" Nicki walked back in front of him and led him to the kitchen.

"I don't know where it came from, I just assumed it was in here. That's where it sounded like it was coming from anyway." She went over to the fridge. "You want something to drink?" She was bent right into the fridge with her ass stuck out, Drake couldn't help but stare. "Drake? Do you want a drink?"

"Nah, I'm good, but thanks anyway." He managed to tear his eyes away from her butt. "So where's your husband?" He asked as he headed towards the stairs.

"He, um, well he's gone to visit his mom for little bit...he'll be back tomorrow though, hopefully the morning." She followed behind him as he checked each room. Nicki was hesitant to let him check Jay and Alia's rooms but stood back warning him to be quiet. As they both made their way back downstairs Drake made his way back towards the front door.

"Well, looks like everything here is good. I best be going." He saw Nicki's face drop a little bit. She didn't know why but she knew she would feel safer with someone else with her, but she knew there would be a reaction if Safaree returned home to find another man in his house with his family.

"You kay Nic?" He looked at her with his face full of concern.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine and...thanks, y'know for coming over and checking things out." She exhaled heavily after she finished talking.

"Y'know I'll sleep on the couch if you don't wanna be alone tonight? I understand it's pretty daunting moving to a new area. Especially with two young kids." He folded his lips whilst waiting for her to reply. She was kicking herself for wanting to say yes, but she really didn't want to be alone. Drake took her silence and worried expression as a 'yes'.

"You got a blanket or something I could have? I mean it ain't that hot?" Nicki snapped out of her thoughts.

"Oh, no don't be silly! You can have the guest bedroom, it's up the stairs to the left." She gave him the directions before stopping him as he made his way to the stairs.

"Thank you." She looked at him sincerely before adding. "Oh and don-" He cut her off.

"Don't wake the kids. I know." He laughed and shook his head as he went up the stairs.

After cleaning up the night's mess and double checking the doors, she too headed to bed. She was already make-up free so she just showered quickly before brushing her teeth and jumping into bed. Sleep wasn't finding her easy tonight and she was still awake two hours later thinking about the creepy things that had happened. She shot up suddenly hearing a noise and realised it was Jay crying so she grabbed her robe and headed to his room, only he wasn't there and she quickly started to panic until she  recognised where his cries where coming from. Nicki had forgotten that with them being in a new house Jay would disoriented if he woke up and he had stumbled into the wrong room looking for her. Barging through the guest room door she saw a tired looking Drake sat up with a confused face as Jay stood by the drawers, he was bawling at this point and as soon as he saw Nicki he darted to her and wrapped all four limbs around her tiny body as she picked him up hugging him to her. She could feel his little body shaking as he continued to cry into her neck.

"What happened?" Drake asked as he rubbed the back of his head and threw the covers off of himself.

"Oh, it's nothing. He'll soon calm down. Sorry he woke you." She turned to walk back to her own room quickly, praying that Alia hadn't been woken, luckily she hadn't. Gently climbing back into her bed, with Jay still tightly holding on, she rested her back on the headboard as she rubbed his back soothingly. Back in the guest room Drake heard the crying subside and relaxed back into his bed, sleeping peacefully until the morning....

*Ohh I'm so tired but I felt like I should post something on here seeing as it has been kind of while :/ It's not too drama filled but it is only part one soooo part two should be more event filled :)) ahaa enjoy! And thanks so much for all of the comments on the last chapter!! Muuah*


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