Saturday, 7 July 2012

3. The Move - Part One

Busy was an understatement for what was going on downstairs. There was removal men everywhere gathering boxes and moving furniture to the vans outside, whilst Safaree was stood planted to the kitchen floor holding Alia who was now screaming rather than crying. The same guy that had woken her up earlier made his way over to Safaree with a worried look on his face.

"Sir? Is everything ok?" He had noticed the blank expression on his face, which had been there almost permanently since the accident. Nicki quickly darted over before he started asking him more questions, she knew what would happen.

"Faree? Please just give her to me?" Her voice was shaking slightly as she held her arms out to grab her unconsolable baby from him. Safaree just kept his eyes on the removal guy as he kept tight hold of Alia.

"I'm not going to hurt her." This made Nicki's heart sink. She never wanted to make him feel like she didn't trust him but she desperately wanted her baby to stop crying. She looked at the removal guy and started to talk.

"Please, can you just give us a moment alone?" He nodded his head and looked at Safaree again before heading back outside whilst the other men were all unaware and continued moving the boxes out.

"Look, baby, I have no idea what you are going through right now but I'm trying! I really please just, talk to me?" She said over Alia's cries as she rubbed his back. He didn't say anything and gently handed her to Nicki, quickly disappearing back upstairs. Alia kept on crying as Nicki tried to soothe her and rock her gently but to no avail. Eventually her cries subdued and were now small whimpers as her eyes were getting heavier. She decided to just keep hold of her until she was properly asleep.

As soon as the men had finished, the same guy from earlier made his way over to Nicki who was still trying to rock Alia to sleep.

"Okay ma'am looks like we're all done here so we're about to head off, will you and your family be following behind?"

"No sir, I have another stop to make before we head off...unless y'all want to wait here whilst I go and do what needs to be done? It should only take twenty minutes at the most." She was still looking at Alia when she said it, not in a rude way she just wanted to make sure she was properly asleep before strapping her into her baby seat.

"Sure the way I'm Drake." He held his hand out for her to shake with her free hand as the other one was still securely wrapped around the baby.

"Oh, well thank you Drake!" She looked around at the empty room "You guys did a great job." She led them both into the kitchen where the baby seat was sat on the side and gently placed a sleeping Alia into it and fastened her in before turning back to Drake. "This sounds a little strange but I'd prefer if you didn't speak to my husband while I'm not here, maybe y'all could just stay outside?" She looked down, slightly embarrassed but she really didn't want for Safaree to kick off like he had last week.

"Of course. We'll just be waiting for you when you get back." He smiled. "Do you need any help carrying anything out to your car?" She wanted to say no because he had been working all morning but she had a fair few bags to carry as well as Alia.

"Um, yes..those bags down there." She pointed to the items lined against the wall. "Thank you."
Without hesitating he gathered all of her stuff and loaded it all into her car as she double and triple checked that the baby seat was securely fastened backwards into the back seat of the vehicle. Heading on to the road she began the short drive to her parents house to pick up Jayson.


The goodbyes to her parents and brother wasn't as tearful as she had anticipated but she knew it would hit her later on when she had time to think.

"Jay, baby, I want you to be a brave boy for Mommy when we get home 'kay? She was looking at him through her rearview mirror. He just looked back and tilted his head as if he was asking a question, something he did regularly to avoid talking. "There are some big trucks at our house, but I promise they won't make any noise whilst you're there." She kept flicking between looking at him in the mirror and the road ahead until she pulled up to the house and parked the car in the driveway. Walking to the front door was a fair task as she had Alia balanced upright on her chest with her head resting on her shoulder and the job of trying not to trip over Jayson who was holding on to her hand as if his life depended on it shuffling as close as he could behind his Mother.

Flashback (A week earlier)

The couple continued to hold hands as Nicki showed them around the house. They had bought the property but hadn't yet looked around, it was their third house and Nicki gathered that money was not an issue hence buying her house without even viewing it first.

"And that leads us back to the kitchen." She put her hands together as she finished the little tour.

"Thanks for doing this Mrs Samuels...we heard about what happened and know this must be such a difficult time for you." The gentleman gently placed a hand on her shoulder whilst his wife looked at her sympathetically. Nicki just bowed her head before looking up and forcing a smile for them. Before she had the chance to respond she turned to see Safaree stood at the foot or the stairs with his hands balled up into fists and his grey t-shirt was drenched with sweat.

"Faree...this is Mr and Mrs Portman...they're the couple who bought our house." She looked between them as she tried to find something else to say. "This is my husband Safaree." The couple looked back and smiled at him but without warning he started yelling as he walked over to them.

"Get out! Get out! Both of you, and stay away from her! If I see you put yo' damn hands on her again-" Nicki manged to get between him and the couple before yelling over the top of him.

"Faree? SAFAREE!? It's fine, they weren't doing anything...they're just here to see the house!" She kept on rubbing her hands up and down his toned and heaving chest as she tried to calm him. It worked and he backed off a little shaking his head in disbelief at what he had just done.

"I'm...I'm so sorry I didn't...." He trailed off as he slumped back upstairs, still breathing heavily. Nicki was too embarrassed to turn around especially now as the tears rolled down her face which would be super obvious because she was wearing makeup. She didn't have to say anything though as Mrs Portman kindly put her arm around Nicki and pulled her into a hug.

"We'll leave now, you hang in hear me?" She pulled away to see Nicki's distraught face. "We'll be back to pick up the keys on wednesday, alright?" Nicki just nodded as she swiped at her tears to try and stop them from falling.

After they had gone she made her way upstairs to find Safaree curled up on their bed. He was still and silent as she crawled on to the sheets and got close to him. She remembered what his therapist, Kellie, had said about him feeling guilty for not having being able to save the young boy. She had also told her that he'll show this in his behaviour which was why he did what he just did downstairs. He wanted to protect his family and make sure no harm came to them to make up for not doing the same for the boy, explaining why he overreacted about how Mr Portman was touching her. She carefully grabbed his arm and pulled it around her as she lay her head on his chest listening to the muffled sound of his rapid heartbeat.

Jay Imma need you to let go for just a minute baby?" She looked down at his worried face. "Mommy needs to get her keys and open the door." He looked down and shook his head as he gripped her hand even tighter.

"Here let me get that for you." Drake put his hands out to take hold of Alia, but Nicki pulled away hesitantly.

"Umm...No I got her it's fine." She didn't know if Safaree was still upstairs and didn't want him to freak out if some stranger had hold of Alia, instead she tried to fumble around for her keys with the hand that had hold of Jay's. Drake just watched her struggling before offering again.

"Well, let me open the door for you then?" Nicki dropped her hand back down to her side in submission as he rummaged through her bag to find the house keys, she didn't even know why she locked it in the first place. Drake inserted the key and opened the house up for her and let her enter before following. It was a new environment for Jay so Nicki wasn't surprised when he kept hold of her hand and refused to look or respond to Drake, who was trying to talk to him.

"Hey little man! You ready to go see your new house?" He stood upright when Jay didn't reply and tried to hide behind Nicki's legs.

"Baby don't be rude..." She sighed and looked at Drake. "I'm sorry he's just not used to strangers. He's really shy." She started bouncing Alia slightly when she felt her moving and start to fuss with her small head still resting on her shoulder. She whipped her head around quickly when Jay pulled out of her grasp and ran over to the bottom of the stairs.



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