Monday, 16 July 2012

8. While The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play...(Part Two)

Nicki woke up super early again the next morning to see Jay still soundly sleeping next to her, she watched him for a while thinking about how scared he looked last night. "Poor baby." She said quietly as pulled the covers over him some more. Before she could climb out of bed she heard voices from downstairs, not the regular conversation murmurs but it sounded like a heated argument. Quickly throwing on her robe she ran down the stairs swiftly only to find Safaree stood interrogating Drake in the kitchen. He was home early, he had called her before he went to sleep last night to let her know how the therapy session went and to say that he would be home at around lunch time.

"Now, I'll ask you again. What the fuck are you doing in MY house, holding MY daughter?" Nicki hadn't seen Alia, she was now in Safaree's arms so she guessed Drake must have had her for some reason. She didn't like where this was going and moved into the kitchen.

"What the hell is going on?!" She spat as she snatched Alia out of Safaree's grasp, but gently of course.
The two men just looked at her trying to calm Alia down who had started crying, possibly due to the atmosphere.

"Why is it that I come home to find another nigga in my house Onika?" He looked beyond pissed, in fact Nicki couldn't remember one time when she had ever seen him this angry. Drake was still silent in the corner, she felt so bad that he was being dragged into all of this.

"Look, some weird things happened yesterday and I was home alone so-" She was cut off by Safaree's yells.

"So you what? You fucking called up some nigga ya hardly know to come take care of you?" His face relaxed and turned worried when he saw how scared she looked, he hadn't realised how much he was getting in her face. Drake was stood ready in the corner, he really thought he was going to hit her. "Nic...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell like that..." He shook his head and went to turn away like he always did but she grabbed his arm with her free hand.

"No. it's not your fault." She smoothed her hand over his cheek and looked at him tearfully. He placed his hand over hers on his face before turning back to Drake and gave him an apologetic look and made his way up the stairs. Letting out a huge sigh of relief Nicki sat herself down at the table proceeding to feed Alia, luckily her pink blanket was still on the chair so she could cover herself with something.

"What the hell was that about?" Drake asked warily but Nicki didn't respond. "Like, forreal I thought he was 'bout to lay a hand on you." This caught Nicki's attention.

"Excuse me? How dare you! He would never even think about hurting me, or our children!" She was sure about the kids but the way he was with her before, she honestly thought he was going to hit her. He had strange outbursts like that, she could always tell it wasn't really him though. That was one of those outbursts, just like with the Portmans that time. "Look, thank you for doing that last night and thanks for stayin' over but..I think you should leave now." She stood up, still holding Alia to her breast and showed him to the door.

"It was no trouble, see you around." He didn't look at her and shook his head as he made his way over to his car. But before he could open it he heard her shouting him so he looked up.

"You forgot your wallet." She said as she stood out on the porch picking the small black thing off of the step, Drake huffed and started walking back over to her feeling his pockets.

"No, my wallet's right here he said waving it in the air. But thanks anyway." He said as he turned to walk back to his car once again. He gave her one last wave and headed off. Nicki just looked blankly at the black wallet, she knew it wasn't Safaree's because he always had a picture of her, Jay and Alia inside. She had opened it up only to find a bit of cash and nothing else. Suddenly feeling the cold air she decided to go back inside, setting the wallet on the hallway table. Once Alia was fed she bathed her and dressed her before going to wake Jay up. She didn't want him getting into the habit of sleeping late, it messed up his routine and then he would get cranky.

"Jay, come on baby. S'time to get up." She sang as she re-entered her room, only to see Safaree snoring on his side of the bed with Jay smiling next to him. He could be such a Daddy's boy sometimes. She just smiled at him and started to whisper. Meanwhile Alia had grown interested in the chain necklace hanging around her Mom's neck.

"Come on boy, you gotta go eat." He jumped off the bed, quite clumsily, and skipped ahead in front of her before turning and going down the stairs on his butt. Once they made it down to the kitchen Nicki one handedly picked Jay up and sat him at the table in front of a bowl of his favourite cereal, it had to be the same cereal, same bowl, same place everyday. After he had started chowing down his food she headed through to the lounge room and sat Alia in the small baby chair on the floor, strapping her in before going back to the kitchen. "Oh, you done already?" She put her hand on her hip looking at Jay with milk all over his face and the table too. He just replied with a giggle, a guilty one at that.

Later on that day, Nicki had just put Alia down for her nap and sat Jay in the lounge room watching Cars with his blanket and was now headed upstairs to talk to Safaree.

"Babe, you still sleeping?" She whispered as she pushed the door open gently. He was sat upright with his head resting in his hands. "Faree?" There was silence for a few minutes a she went and sat next to him.

"You thought I was gon' hit you." It was more of a statement than a question, she didn't know what to say so she just looked down. "I would never hurt you. Or the kids, you know that right?" She was shocked when he turned to look at her with tears in his eyes, he rarely cried.

"Faree, you have been through hell these last few weeks! I don't know what exactly is going through your mind but I do know that you love us." She turned to look at him as well. "I just....I want everything back how it was." He pulled her into a hug which made her feel safer than she had for ages. He kissed the top of her head before moving down to her cheek, then her neck. He lingered for a while causing her to moan unconsciously. "Mmm Faree, the kids..." He didn't let up, instead he moved further down slowly unbuttoning her top as he continued to suck on her neck, leaving a mark before moving to a new spot and doing the same thing. "Don't...leave a mark, I have a job interview tomorrow." She said breathlessly as he pushed her back on to the bed, climbing on top of her.

"It'll be fine, just wear your hair down." He smiled, for the first time in a long time as he pulled her top off leaving her in a pink bra and then removed her jeans. She let her hands trail down the sides of his face and neck and let them roam over his muscular torso as she arrived at his belt buckle. Whipping his pants off quickly and doing the same to his shirt. They were now just in their underwear, which didn't last long as he worked his way to the back of her bra unclasping it and throwing it on to the pile of clothes now littering their bedroom floor. She impatiently tugged at his boxers but he pulled her hand away.

"Hey, I'm getting there. It's been a while...I'm time." He managed to say in between kisses around her right breast, he took it into his mouth as she teased the other with her own hand. He continued to do this while he manoeuvred his hand to her panties, moving them to the side slightly he pressed his fingers against her clit and started massaging slowly, making her let out a moan. He stopped suddenly before quickly inserting two fingers inside of her, this time he got more than a moan as she called out his name.

"Ohh, Faree. Faster...please!" She was begging him. He acknowledged her pleas and speeded up the movement of his hand making her grind against him, not long after, she came on his fingers. He removed his hand and pulled off her panties and decided to tease her some more, laying on top of her as though he was about to enter, only he still had his boxers on. She could feel his erection pressed against  her and he started to grind on her. "Uhh, stop....fucking...teasing me." She panted as she squeezed her eyes shut. He took this as his cue, removing his underwear quickly and slowly pushing into her, letting her adjust before he started to thrust.

"You ready babe?" She looked at him sweetly.

"Are you ready? He just stared down at her. She didn't want to pressure him. But him thrusting in to her forcefully was enough to tell her that he was ready. He let out a few groans, mixing them in with hers as the both met one another. He kept pounding into her, both trying to stay quiet remembering that Alia was sleeping and Jay was downstairs. They both came minutes later, Safaree after Nicki. Laying exhausted in the middle of the bed, Nicki kissed him sweetly.

"I love you." She smiled after her returned the kiss.

"I love you too." They both looked at the time and decided to quickly shower and get dressed before Safaree headed back downstairs, Nicki went to get Alia as she heard her whining from her room. When they got to the lounge room Cars was just finishing as they walked in.

"Your movie good champ?" Safaree asked as he plopped on to the couch next to a sleepy Jay. He just nodded and climbed on to Safaree's lap and made himself comfy. "Hey don't be fallin' sleep now!" He started tickling Jay and just like Nicki, he let out a series of high pitched giggles that all formed into one. Nick was stood cradling Alia at the bottom of the stairs watching. Finally everything was falling back into place, they were a family again.

"So, what do we all wanna eat?" She asked over the top of Jay's giggles, Safaree stopped to let him answer his Mom. It was now almost 6:00pm and getting dark out.

"Can we have Smarties?" Jay chirped with a grin. They both laughed at how serious he was.

"No, baby we have to eat something good! Smarties are for after dinner kay?" She started rocking Alia as she started to become impatient "Okay, Okay pipe down you." Safaree smiled at his little family as he scooped Jay up and carried him to the kitchen but he suddenly started screaming out and kicking his legs causing both Nicki and Safaree to turn around.

"Hey liddle man, what's up?" He let Jay down and he immediately ran to the fridge and slapped his hand on the empty space where a picture, of him sat with a newborn Alia on his lap, used to be. "Hey Nic where's his picture gone?" Safaree asked as he picked up Jay and put him on his chair.

"Oh? That's weird, I think it was there last night, in fact I know it was there last night 'cause it was falling off so I fixed it. Maybe it fell again." She was trying to get her blouse open again to feed Alia and raid the cupboards at the same time.

"Here babe, let me do that. You just sit down and feed the chubby one." He kissed Alia's forehead before moving up to Nicki's mouth after she gasped.

"My liddle ladybug, is not chubby!" Safaree laughed at his pouting wife and resumed the position of rummaging through the cupboards. He found some sauces and pasta and just decided on spaghetti knowing that they all liked it.

***After dinner***

For the first time in weeks Nicki had some help with the bedtime routine, with Safaree bathing Jay and putting his pyjamas on Nicki just had to concentrate on Alia who was screaming. She tried to rock her but she just continued to scream. She took her in to their room and shut the door so as not to disturb Jay's bedtime story, sitting down on the bed she held her even closer and just rocked soothingly, finally she stopped. Looking at her Mom her eyes were getting heavier as Nicki kept on rocking. She could put her in her crib at last. Safaree and Nicki bumped into one another on their way out of each child's room, when she suddenly remembered.

"Oh, Faree? Is your wallet missing?" She tilted her head as she asked watching him pat all of his pockets and pull out his wallet.

"Nope, right here. Why?" He furrowed his brow.

"Well, when Drake was leaving today I was stood on the porch and found a black leather wallet....just laying there. You didn't see it on your way in?" He shook his head no.

"Sorry babe, can't help you there. That's odd though." He moved closer to her.

"Yeaah." She really didn't want to set him off but she thought she should tell him about the noises and the person watching her and Drake the night before.

"Babe, do you ever have that weird feeling that someone is, yknow? Watching you?" He looked concerned.

"How'd you mean?" He grabbed her hand and pulled her back downstairs, both flopping on to the couch.

"Like, last night, before I..." She trailed off nervously.

"Before you called Drake?" He finished for her, letting her know that he wasn't angry about the Drake issue anymore.

"Yeah, well I heard noises in the kitchen and then when I answered the door to Drake I looked past him and I could have sworn I saw somebody watching us. And the whole time before that I just felt like somebody's eyes were on me, y'know what I'm sayin'?" She looked at the side of his face waiting for him to answer but he was looking out of the window blankly. "Faree? Babe?" She ran her hand over his arm. "What's wrong?"

"Hmm? Oh...nothing. I was just thinking. How about we get some security cameras set up?" He turned back to her frightened face as she nodded.

"Mmm. Let's do that. And let's never spend a night apart again?" He leaned in and kissed her, answering her question with an action instead of words. "We have to get Jayson a new photo tomorrow too." She said as she wiped her thumb over his bottom lip.

"How about we take 'em out tomorrow? After you interview of course." She smiled at his suggestion. She wanted to do nothing else but spend time with him and her babies.

"You sure you're ready for that?" She wanted to make sure he wouldn't flip out on her in the middle of a public place.

"I need to get back to the way things were, Kellie even said that." He stood up and pulled her with him and tapped her on the butt. "Got to bed, I'll see you up there. Imma check the doors and turn everything off."

"Mmkay." She kissed him again before walking up the stairs as Safaree went and checked all of the doors.

Watching them both act like nothing had happened was sickening. Seeing each window on the lower floor of house go dark it was clear that they were heading upstairs for the night. Looking down at the photo in his hand he smiled and moved out of his hiding place, heading towards the house...

*Dun dun duuuuuuuun! I feel like I have been writing forever! I devoured a whole stack of chocolate during this and prolly gained a few extra kilos -__- Hopefully it goes to the butt...or chest, I wouldn't moan either way XD Welll hope you liiked :)) I should be posting on FY very soon so, yeah! Hope this was ok :)) Muuah*


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