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4. The Move - Part Two

*Have a little inkling this might anger some ppl :((( But I PROMISE THIS WILL GO NOWHERE, you'll know what I mean after you've read it...if you read it :O haha. Enjoooy*

Jayson ran over to Safaree as fast as he could, he was as much a Daddy's boy as he was a Mommy's boy. Nicki smiled at how cute he looked, before noticing Safaree's face as he picked up his son.

"Well, thanks for waiting Drake...I think we're already to go. I only came in to take Jay to the bathroom before we leave." She looked between the two men, luckily Drake was paying Safaree's death stare no mind as he was cooing over Alia who was still resting snugly on Nicki's chest and shoulder.

"Great, well, we're ready when y'all are so give us a shout when you're set to go." He stayed in the same place as Nicki moved over to swap children with Safaree, she knew there was no use asking him to do anything because he would just stare blankly at her so she left it upon herself to do everything.
When Alia was safely nestled in Safaree's arms Nicki walked Jay to the downstairs bathroom hand in hand. While she was gone there was an awkward silence in the room which was made even more awkward by Drake trying to talk to Safaree.

"So what made you guys wanna, you know, get out and leave this place?" Safaree didn't even acknowledge him, instead he just walked over to the lounge-room window with Alia and stared out of it. Drake couldn't believe how rude this guy was being, what was such a friendly, beautiful woman like Nicki doing with him? He shook his head and decided to wait out the silence in the kitchen. It wasn't long until Nicki re-appeared with Jay skilfully balanced on her hip, carrying a baby bag with her free arm.

"Kay, we're all set to go. We did a house check too and everything is packed and ready so I guess we should make a move." Drake could tell she was stressed, not that she looked it although she did look a little drained however with two young children he wasn't surprised.

"Right, let's hit the road then!" He flashed Nicki and Jay a smile before walking towards the van and starting up the engine. Nicki had completely forgotten to ask him to wait until they were on the road first. The sound of the loud engines starting threw Jayson into a fit of screams as he planted his hands firmly over his ears and continued to scream and cry, pushing his face into the crook of her neck.

"Hey, it's ok baby. They'll be gone soon." She tightened her grip around him and kept talking to him trying to get him to settle down. When Jay was younger she and Safaree had always noticed his dislike of loud noises but never thought anything of it, I mean who does like loud noises really? But after being diagnosed with autism they realised the connection. As soon as Safaree heard his cries he immediately made his way over to Nicki motioning to take Jay and hand Alia to her. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, this was practically the first time he'd really acknowledged her in four weeks.

"Here let me take him?" He wasn't looking at her, he had his gaze fixed on his distressed son. Nicki did what he asked and gently held on to Alia as Jay scrambled to get a hold of Safaree. She just watched as he instantly calmed Jay and started walking out to the car.


The drive to their new house was long and tedious and not very pleasant with a tired four year old and a hungry 3 month old baby. Not to mention the fact that Nicki had to drive the whole way as Safaree refused to even be in the car at all, she managed to coax him in though. She knew it wasn't his fault and he wasn't purposely being like this but couldn't he see how much she was struggling? How tired she was? How much she needed him right now? She didn't want to get angry but she was really struggling to hold it in anymore.

Once they reached their new home Jay was exhausted and sleeping soundly in his car seat, Alia was heading the same way and Safaree was just looking straight ahead. Nicki made a move and hopped out of the car, she knew Jay would wake as soon as she moved him so she left him and let him sleep. Alia on the other hand was not going to wait one more minute to be fed so she concentrated on getting her inside and settled before going back to Jay. As for Safaree, she really couldn't be dealing with him right now, it was physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

"Ugghh I'm gon' be so damn busy!" She muttered to herself as she made her way through the front door. A voice came from behind her causing her to jump slightly.

"You need a hand?" He showed her his pearly smile once again as he made his way over to where she was stood.

"Drake, I think I'll be ok but thanks..." She paused thinking about how tired she was going to be doing the unpacking alone."...Actually, yeah that would be nice...thank you." She returned the smile as she turned to walk into the kitchen. She managed to unbutton her blouse and expose her left breast as she walked and cradled Alia with her free arm and held her closer as she fed her. She grabbed the baby pink blanket from the baby bag and draped it over her left shoulder to hide Alia. The removal men continued to unload all of the boxes as Drake offered to make Nicki a drink.

"So, what's with your husband. He's a little rude don't you think?" Nicki didn't really appreciate that comment.

"Excuse me?! You don't know the half of what he's been through! What we've been through" She suddenly looked down as she felt Alia squirming, her yelling had disturbed her meal. "Sorry baby." She carried on rocking and cooing before looking back at an embarrassed Drake. 

"I'm sorry. You're right, I don't know you guys and it wasn't my place to say anything." He turned around and proceeded with making her a hot drink, she couldn't believe it but now she felt bad.

"No, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped like that. I guess he does come off that way to outsiders..." She trailed off and focused on the fluffy pink blanket covering her and Alia. Apart from her own mother she had never really spoken to anyone about how she was feeling. Until now.

"He was in a car accident about four weeks ago..." She stopped mid-sentence trying to compose herself whilst Drake cringed at his insensitivity earlier. "He lost his friends who were also involved...and they hit a little boy too, Faree tried to save him, but...." She trailed off again feeling like the conversation was getting too heavy for someone she only just met.

"I'm really sorry to hear that." He walked back over to the table, which had just been placed by the removal men, and placed her drink on it before taking a seat opposite her. "That's why he doesn't talk?" He looked to the ceiling as he said it. Safaree had gone straight upstairs as soon as the got there.
Nicki didn't say anything she just nodded slowly before inhaling deeply.


Three hours later the removal men finished unloading the last of the boxes and headed off, Drake however stayed behind to help Nicki unpack the heavy items. It was nearing 7:00pm but he had nowhere important to be.

"Don't get me wrong I'm really thankful for you doing this but, don't you think you should be getting home, it's a long drive back?" They were stood in Alia's small pink bedroom, she was all bathed, fed and ready to sleep. Nicki put her down gently, turning the light off on the way out.

"Nope, I actually live here." At first she thought he was joking but when she turned to face him was dead serious.

"Oh!" She laughed as Drake followed behind her.

"So expect to be seeing a lot more of me!" At that moment Jay came running through with his pyjamas in his hands.

"Woah boy, stop with the running. You got wet feet silly!" She had just bathed him and sat him in the living room while she put Alia to bed. Picking him up she sat him on the side, whisking the towel from around him quickly throwing on his all-in-one pyjama suit over his big boy nighttime pants. "Done!" She went to pick him up again but he was watching Drake intently before screeching out. Turning to see what had set him off she saw Drake putting all of the pictures on the fridge, Nicki had left them out to do after and obvisouly Drake had brought it on himself to do it for her. "S'ok baby, Mommy will fix it later." Drake turned around  to see what she was talking about only to realise they were both looking at him.

"What? What did I do?" He was completely clueless as to what had upset the young boy. Nicki just giggled at Drake's sad face and she scooped Jay up and carried him over to the fridge, as she held him there he rearranged all of the pictures into two neat lines and clapped his hands together letting his Mom know that he was finished. Setting him down he bolted to the bottom of the stairs and started to make his way up, she knew he was going to Safaree but she didn't want him waking Alia, that was one grumpy little girl she didn't want to upset right now. She looked at a puzzled Drake and answered his unasked question as she walked away.

"He's autistic, and those pictures have to be a certain way." She said it like it was nothing as she swiftly picked Jay up. "Wait here, I'll just go take him to Faree. I don't want him to wake my liddle ladybug." Drake laughed at her making her voice go all cute at the end of her sentence, but he was curious so after she headed upstairs he quietly followed behind her. Nicki knew that they would end up having Jay in their room anyway because it was somewhere new and strange so she decided to tuck him in with Safaree now instead of later. Drake stood and watched in the doorway as Nicki made a little space for Jay in between the two pillows. She kissed Jay on his forehead and cheek before turning to Safaree, he was still awake and Drake could see his face in the mirror opposite the bed. She brushed her hand over his head a few times before crouching down to the point where Drake could no longer see her, he guessed she was kissing him. She looked at them both one last time before turning off the lamp and heading out. She caught a glimpse of Drake and started walking  faster shutting the door quietly behind her.

"What the hell?! I said wait downstairs!" She crossed her arms angrily over her chest.

"Sorry...I need the bathroom." He was quite proud of his excuse.

"Well, genius, there's one downstairs remember?" She looked at him waiting for an answer.

"Oh..yeah, sorry I forgot." He blushed and started to fumble around with his pockets.

"Whatever, let's go back downstairs. I think you should be going anyway, I have lots to do in the morning." they both made their way back downstairs and Drake actually did need the bathroom so whilst he dealt with that Nicki finished off cleaning all the dinner plates up.

"Look, I'm really grateful for everything you've done today! I just wish you'd take the money, please?" This was the third time she was offering it to him and this was the third time he was refusing.

"It's fine! I was doing a friend, let's just say that, kay?" He raised his eyebrow before jumping in the taxi, the other removal men had taken the truck home hours ago. She shook her head and closed the door after watching the car drive off. Then everything went back to normal as the house fell silent, she laughed when she saw he had stuck his number on the fridge with all of Jay's pictures. After turning everything off and locking the doors she made her way back upstairs and into their bathroom which was joined on to her room. When she heard a little voice coming from the bed.

"Mommy?" It was a little louder than a whisper, so she guessed he may have woken Safaree too.

"What's up liddle man?" She crawled over to him and lay her head next to his.

"Is Daddy going to get fixed?" That question hit her hard. She hadn't anticipated him noticing that there was something wrong with Safaree.

"Yeah...Daddy's just not feeling well at the moment, but he will get better soon. You'll see." She stroked his cheek as his eyes started getting heavier, but he was fighting sleep so she continued talking. "And Daddy will always love you now matter what, just like I will." He looked at her with sleepy eyes.

"And Mommy? Daddy loves Mommy too?" He yawned while he waited for an answer. But Nicki honestly couldn't answer that one, she felt like he couldn't stand her, the way he avoided looking at her, wouldn't speak to her. He wouldn't even touch her. She didn't answer Jay, she could tell he was drifting off to sleep.

"Go to sleep baby, we have a big day tomorrow." Her voice was cracking as she tried to hold the tears back she kissed him on the forehead as he started snoring very lightly. She let go as she made her way to the bathroom, the tears were falling freely now and her soft cries could be heard as she shut the door behind her.

Slowly turning over he looked towards the bathroom door as her cries became more muffled through the sound of the shower. He had heard everything.........

*Pow! There you have it! ^______^ chapter four guys!! That took a long time...annnd it's rully cold in my room so I can't feel my hands :-((( Thanks for all of your comments!! I LOVE reading them :D Some of them make me laugh too XD But anyways I am knackered so I am leaving -__- enjoy kids!! Sorry for any typos, and also I apologise if I post it twice it's just I find it easier to post it, read it and THEN edit it :/  Well toodleooo. Muuuah*


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