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10. Going Off Track

*** Starting where I left off last chapter ***

"Gimme a chance to fuckin' tell you!" Drake squared up to Safaree as Nicki stood behind her husband, still embarrassed after being caught in the act. She tried to pull at his arm, telling him to leave it but he snatched out of her grip.

"Why you just turnin' up here all the god damn time?! Everywhere I fuckin' look I see your face! Shit!" He wrapped his shirt around himself again and slammed his hand on to the wall just inches away from Drake's head.

"The fuck is wrong wit'chu man?!" Drake edged away from him, not wanting to cause trouble. "Look I only came here to ask you why the fuck you been shovin' notes under my windscreen wiper on my car?" He reached into his pocket and slapped a scrap of paper to Safaree's chest. He looked confused.

"I ain't put shit on your car nigga!" He now had hold of the piece of paper in his own hands and held it out in front of him, after reading it his face was drained of colour as Drake began to think maybe it wasn't him after all.

"Faree, babe what is it?" Her voice was so soft and calming compared to the raised voices of Drake and Safaree. But before he could answer they all looked to the bottom of the stairs as they saw a teary-eyed Jay stood holding onto the stair railings crying, Nicki didn't hesitate to go to him.

"Ohh baby, c'mere." She picked him up and sat him on her hip and he immediately wrapped his tiny arms around her neck, resting his head on her shoulder. "Drake, please, I think you should leave." The way she said it let him know that she wasn't angry, maybe a little embarrassed and upset but not angry.

"I came to sort this out, I'm not leavin' til I know it's sorted." He looked back to an angry Safaree as she disappeared back upstairs with Jay.

"Okay number one, don't speak to my wife like that. And two, I didn't put this on your car." He shoved the paper back into Drake's hand as he threw his pants back on. "Now, I think you should leave." He followed behind a confused and concerned Drake as he showed him to the door. "But whoever did leave you that note was on to something. Take notice." He looked coldly at Drake one last time before shaking his head and shutting the door and locking it. Stood out in the cold he shook his head in disbelief at what just happened until a noise made him turn to the right, he squinted trying to make out what it was as he moved towards the sound. Soon he heard hurried footsteps but they faded as he picked up speed. There was definitely somebody loitering around their house, determining whether or not to let them know he stopped himself. "S'none of my business." He muttered and angrily got back into his car heading home.

In the house Safaree was stood with his back to the front door, he felt like he couldn't breathe and he started to panic about what he just saw. It was only when Nicki put her hand on his shoulder did he return to reality, he jumped causing her to flinch too.

"Faree, what's going on? What did the note say?" She crouched down to his level as he was now slumped on the floor. He stayed silent. "Please? Talk to me?" Still nothing, she sighed and re-arranged the way he was sitting so that she could position herself comfortably between his legs, gently pulling his arms to be around her. She wanted him to hug her the way he had the day before and make her feel safe.

"I won't let anything happen, I promise." He kissed her head gently as she started to worry. Was there something really strange going? Or was it Safaree acting weird because of everything that had happened? Perhaps he was jealous of Drake and didn't want him around? She put all the thoughts to the back of her mind as she tugged at his hands.

"Let's go to bed." Pulling themselves up they retreated back to their room for the night, Jay nestled between them.


Stay Away From Them. Those words were imprinted on Safaree's memory from the night before, he was desperately chewing on his nails at the table until a small hand tapping his leg made him look down. Jay was stood holding a painting up, he also had paint across his face, hair and clothes but his proud expression made his father smile.

"What you got there?" He took the painting from him and held it up, noticing the shape had what looked like four legs and a long nose so he figured it may have been an elephant.

"Don't tell me you can't see what that is?" Nicki stated as she walked into the kitchen smiling with Alia sleeping in her arms. "Go on Jay, tell Daddy what it is." She urged looking at his shy little face.

"Hmm lemme think...Is elephant!" He looked down at Jay with a shocked face making him start to laugh and nod his head. He was a boy of very few words. "I knew that's what it was, the kid's an artist! I'm tellin' you now!" He said proudly scruffling up what little hair he had on his head.

"Mkay, now that he's seen it we will put it on the fridge later but you gotta go clean up the mess you made first." Jay pouted as Safaree stuck his tongue out at him, Nicki caught what he was doing. "Luckily Daddy ain't busy so he can go help you!" Laughing at his unimpressed face she pushed them both out to the playroom to clean up.

About an hour later they returned both with fresh clothes on.

"Why y'all got changed?" She rested her hand on her hip waiting for an answer.

"We may have had a paint fight, nothing too serious though. No damage done. I promise." He rested his hands on her waist and kissed her before moving his gaze to Alia in her baby carrier, ready to be put in the car.

"So are you gon' say where exactly you're takin' us too?" She pulled at his shirt making him look back at her.

"Nope." He said as he popped the 'P'. She looked at him sweetly, he really was improving and she couldn't wait for them to be exactly the way they were before the crash. "Here, you go get Jay and I'll put her in the car." He took the baby carrier from her hands as she had only just picked it up.


They were about to set off when Nicki looked over at Safaree. He was driving, for the first time since the accident.

"Look, babe if you don't wanna drive, I said I don't mind." She was flicking through a magazine as she sat in the passenger seat.

"No. No I'm good. I got it." Without hesitating he turned the key and started the car, and they were off.
It wasn't a long drive as they soon pulled up to what Nicki presumed was a very small zoo. She stopped smiling, he knew she hated zoos.

"Faree, why we at a zoo? Y'know I hate them, they're cruel!" He put his finger up, silencing her.

"This one is a nice one, the animals got plenty of space and they were rescued ones, like ones that can't be back in the wild cause they injured or whatever." He smiled as her face relaxed a little.

"Well...that's ok then!"

(I can't be bothered describing the whole day out, I'm sorry!)

As soon as they arrived home Nicki went straight to the kitchen to make dinner whilst Safaree bathed the kids and put them in their pyjamas. Jay splashed water all over his and Nicki's bathroom making it almost a death trap for anyone who dared walk on the tiles. Meanwhile he had bathed Alia in her plastic baby bath on their bedroom floor so he could keep an eye on Jay in their bathroom. Once they were all finished he carried Alia down the stairs as he watched Jay bounce down on his butt like he always did. Jay grinned widely when he saw his painting stuck on the fridge, exactly where he had told his Mom to put it.

"Here, sit down your food is goin' cold." She laughed at him admiring his own artwork before picking him up and sitting him in his chair next to Safaree. "I'll feed you before I go to bed, hmm?" She mumbled as she took Alia out of Safaree's arms to let him eat, Nicki felt sick from the winding roads and her motion sickness in the car so she wasn't eating. Their was the usual small talk exchanged at the table until they were all finished, this time Safaree cleared up the kitchen after kissing Jay on his head before Nicki took him to bed.

"I'll see you upstairs as soon as I'm done." He called after her as she ascended the stairs. Nicki placed Alia in the moses basket in their room for a minute whilst she tucked Jay into bed, once she got in his room she heard a rattling sound which stopped as soon as she entered. Jay looked up sheepishly as his Mom approached his bed.

"Jayson, give it to Mommy. Whatever it is." She looked at him sternly and held her hand out as she sat on his bed to make herself look less intimidating. Jay shook his head no. "Well tell Mommy what it is then?" Yelling at him always made it worse so she learned to get her way by doing things like this as he responded more positively.

"Tic-tacs." It came out as the smallest, quietest mumble but she caught what he said.

"Well, baby if it's tic-tacs that's fine! Just don't eat too many and only ONE at a time, and none at bed time. Ion want my baby choking on a mouthful of mini mints." She smiled at him to make him feel less upset.

"They're daddy's." He was now looking at her knowing he wasn't in trouble. Nicki frowned, she knew Safaree really disliked tic-tacs, he always said they tasted like cheap toothpaste and refused to ever buy them.

"Kay well how 'bout I take them and I'll give them back to daddy for you?" He grinned showing off all of his small teeth and moved his hands from behind his back to hand her the tic-tacs, only they weren't tic-tacs at all. Looking at what he had handed her she tried to remain unaffected as she stood up, tucked him in and kissed him on the head. As soon as she got back to her room she hurriedly shoved the container into her underwear drawer, checked on Alia in the moses basket and went to shower. Safaree just missed her as she shut the bathroom door, picking Alia up gently he made himself comfortable on the bed and turned their TV on. He didn't have it too loud seeing as Jay was sleeping, but that wouldn't have mattered after what happened next. The huge bang and crash her heard from the bathroom shocked him as he quickly put Alia down in her basket and ran to the door, opening it in a panic to see Nicki on the floor.

"Shit, Nicki! What happened?!" He moved over to her and turned her over as she winced and automatically brought her hand to her forehead which had a small cut across it. She had hit her face pretty hard too, he thought she would probably have a bit of bruising. "Nic? You ok?" She blinked a few times as she sat up, she was only in her underwear.

"Yeah, I think so." She checked her arms, her elbows where bleeding too. "The fuck have I told you 'bout gettin' the damn water off of the floor?" He looked at her not knowing what to say but her smiling weakly made him relax. "Help me up asshole." He gently pulled her up and let her stand for a minute to regain her balance.

"Here sit down, I'll be back in a minute." He moved her to the edge of the bathtub, sitting her down slowly as well as giving her a towel to wrap herself in. She didn't want to say anything, or make a fuss but she felt really dizzy and decided against trying to stand again so she reached over and started to run a bath instead of showering. Soon enough he returned with a first aid kit. Although she was mad at him for the "tic-tacs"  he was unaware so she stayed sweet and noted to herself to bring it up in the morning. She was angry but more upset than anything.

"Here." He gently took her hand and helped her into the bath once he finished cleaning her elbows and forehead.

"Thanks." she smiled and let her body relax into the water, scrunching up her face as her elbows started stinging. She really couldn't be bothered to wash her hair anymore so she washed her body and got out. She just wanted to sleep. Once she got back into the bedroom Safaree was sat up in bed holding Alia again, waiting for her. Removing her robe she got into bed and shifted to get comfortable as he handed the small baby to her and as soon as she started feeding her she could feel her eyes closing and Safaree would give her a gently shake every now and then to keep her awake. He knew it wasn't a good idea to let somebody who just hit their head fall to sleep, so he kept talking to her to make her stay awake even though she wasn't knocked unconscious. When Alia was done he took her, burped her and put her in the crib in her own room whilst Nicki got herself  snuggled up under the covers. Her ribs and stomach muscles felt tender from landing flat on her front, she knocked the air out of herself when she landed too. Safaree returned and lay next to her, pulling her close to him and rubbing her back as he continued to watch TV until he too fell asleep.


The next morning Nicki woke to find herself alone in the middle of their king-sizedbed. She blinked sleepily as the sun beamed through her curtains waking her up even more. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the alarm clock flashing 10am, she remembers waking up at around 7:30am when Safaree handed a screaming Alia to her to be fed. She never slept this late, but she did feel refreshed, then she remembered what she had to talk to Safaree about and felt miserable all over again. It was like a chain reaction from then on as her head started pounding and her stomach and ribs felt incredibly tight from the fall in the bathroom. Slowly climbing out of bed she threw her robe on, took the container out of her drawer, slipped it into her robe pocket and headed downstairs.

"Oh look whose up kids! It's Mommy!" That didn't sound like Safaree. And it wasn't.

"Drake? what are...what are you doing here?" He could see how confused she was as she kept wondering what on earth was happening. Why the hell would her husband let him in? He didn't even like him and here he was, sat with their children in the lounge room.

"Look, it's fine. Safaree knows I'm here, but to answer your question; the other night when I was leaving I saw a man hanging around your house. After you told me you heard noises and that note I found it all got a bit weird and I just had to tell you. It's been playing on my mind. He didn't look like he was up to any good..." He trailed off as she turned all the way to face him. "Your face! What the hell happened?" He didn't mean to sound that worried or shocked but her left eye was pretty bruised up and the cut on her forehead was still quite visible. "Did he...?" He widened his eyes as he asked in a low voice seeing as Safaree was only in the next room on the phone.

"Are you seriously asking if he hit me?" She said in a hushed tone as she tightened her robe around herself. He scoffed slightly at the question.

"Can you blame me for thinkin' that?!" He tried to move closer to her, but she stepped away.

"Don't you dare speak about him like that in front of our kids!" He held his hands up.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, forget I said anything." He still felt weird just blurting this stuff out seeing as he hardly knew them. Nicki was still wondering what had gotten into Safaree, he left Jay and Alia in the hands of this guy she was sure he hated. Not to mention how much she was now worrying about this apparent stranger lurking around their house, she got goosebumps just thinking about it.

"I slipped in the bathroom yesterday. Jay left water everywhere." She rubbed the back of her neck as he nodded, he still didn't believe her. But before she could ask about the stranger Safaree came through the office door, seeing Nicki out of bed he went over and kissed her good morning. He was aiming for the lips but she twisted away so that he could only get her cheek. "I need to talk to you. Now." Without another word she led him into the kitchen, looking at Drake, Jay and Alia again before shutting the door and putting the Anti-Depressants on the table. His eyes shut slowly as he he sank into one of the kitchen chairs. "Well? When were you gonna tell me?" She asked softly, obviously seeing the look on his face. He looked

"I asked you a question Safaree! Can you please answer me?" He looked up at her solemnly as he asked her a question instead of answering hers.

"How did you find them?"

"Well, that's what I'm most angry about. Jay had them! My god Safaree, what the hell were you thinking!? Imagine what woulda happened if he had got into them?!" She exhaled slowly feeling the room start to spin again like last night. He noticed her breathing faster and sit down slowly.

"Nic-" She cut him off.

"Please, don't talk to me." She really did want to talk to him and help him, but right now she felt like she was going to pass out so she decided to concentrate on breathing slowly and calming down. Standing carefully she made her way over to the kettle to make a drink. Maybe that would make her feel better, then she remembered that she hadn't eaten, she now had an explanation for her feeling faint so she grabbed some bread to toast.

"Uhm, I'm really sorry and I hate to interrupt but, Alia threw up all over herself." Drake entered the kitchen holding her cautiously and handed her to Safaree who stood up to go get her. The little pink babygro she was wearing was stained down the front.

"Ahh!" Nicki hunched over as the pain intensified, gripping on to the sink to keep herself from collapsing because of the pain.

"Nicki?" Safree moved to stand at her side with Alia.

"Ugghh, I think I did something last night when I fell!" She gritted her teeth together as Safaree supported her from falling, Drake didn't know what to do as Jay came bounding through hearing the commotion.

"Come on, we're going to the hospital." Helping her out to the car Safaree didn't even consider leaving Jay and Alia, he didn't trust anybody with them, let alone Drake so he attempted to put them into the car.

"Dude, don't you think they'd be better left at home?" He whipped his head around quickly, but then realised what if it was something serious, he didn't want Jay to have to see anything potentially scarring.
"I can take care of 'em for you?" He really didn't want to leave them with him, he knew deep down that Drake was a good guy after all he just found out that Mama Carol knew him and she had amazing judgements of people, including him.

"If anything happens to either one of them, you'll wish you never offered, but thank you." He was just handing Alia over to him when Nicki moaned again. "Kay, babe we're goin' now just hold on."
Drake, Jay and Alia watched as they sped off before heading back into the warmth of the house. Truthfully he was nervous, he'd never really looked after kids before, especially not a young boy with autism.


"Mr Samuels? Safaree stood up quickly still holding on to a sleeping Nicki's hand, all the wires were still attached to her.

"Yes? What's going on? Do you know what's wrong yet?" The nurse gently patted his arm.

"Sir, would you like to take a seat? Dr Adams will be through in a moment, he'll tell you what's happening okay?" Safaree sighed and resumed his seat only to stand up once the nurse left as the doctor came in.

"Please? Can you just tell me what's going on?" He was shaking, all of the memories of being in hospital were flooding back to him.

"Mr Samuels did you know that your wife was around 10 weeks pregnant?" He asked sensitively. Safaree's mind raced back to about two months after Alia was born when they had sex without protection which was usually ok but Nicki wasn't on birth control at that point.

"Wait, what? What do you mean she was around 10 weeks pregnant?" He felt his mouth go all dry as Dr Adams sighed.

"I'm afraid she's miscarrying Mr Samuels" He looked at the Doctor blankly. "She's losing the baby, which explains the crippling pain she was in and-."

"Well can you help her? Can't you do somethin' to save the baby?" He looked at Nicki still sleeping before looking back at the doctor sorrowfully.

"There's nothing we can do at this point...I'm extremely sorry." Safaree squinted and shook his head. As the doctor said it really slowly and sympathetically placing a hand on his arm. "Please don't hesitate to ask for anything if you need it." He said thoughtfully before checking over Nicki and leaving again. Feeling incredibly queasy he reached for the bin and emptied the contents of his stomach, twice....

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