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12. Road To Recovery

*** Starting where I left off last chapter ***

Upon returning to Nicki's private room Safaree made sure to be quiet as he saw Nicki, Jay and Alia all asleep next to one another on the hospital bed. Alia was still secured in Nicki's arms and Jay was resting on her arm half under her covers. The sheets had finally been changed too. Faye was also in the room, writing on a chart.

"They must be exhausted." She cooed whilst looking at them. He smiled before realising the time.

"Yeah, I should probably get them home soon."

"Well...We could arrange for one extra bed in here if you want? That's all I can suggest, I'm pretty sure two more beds won't fit!" she giggled quietly.

"Well, I'll be fine on the chair but we might need a crib or somethin' for Lia?"

"Of course, I'll arrange for one to be brought up for you."

"You sure? I mean Ion wanna put you outta your way?"

"Don't be silly! I'd be glad too! I'll be right back" She turned around again before exiting. "...Uhm, but before I do go, what happened to your friend who was here earlier? Did he leave?" She was twiddling with the ends of her hair as she asked and Safaree immediately knew that she was feeling a type of way towards Drake.

"Yeah, he left a couple minutes ago. Sorry."

"Oh, no that's fine. It wasn't important." she gave a him a quick smile before leaving. He turned his attention back to his family all still sleeping. He wanted to go home and get some diapers and a clean babygro for Alia and some pyjamas for Jay to sleep in. Then Faye came back into the room quietly.

"I've arranged for some porters to bring up a crib from maternity. I just don't see the point of you driving all the way home at 11pm only to come straight back in the morning!" She smiled widely. He loved how enthusiastic she was, her type of personality and attitude were exactly what they needed to be around at a time like this. She was fairly young, Safaree thought, with quite pale skin and very blonde hair.

"Thanks." He smiled. "I think Imma have to go home anyway though, I need to pick up some stuff for Lia."

"If you're meaning diapers or anything else baby related we do have all of that here. We won't charge you!" she giggled again. He couldn't help but think she was a bit of a bimbo. Not at all in a mean way, just how she was.

"Word? Aight then, thank you." He rubbed his hands together and took a seat.

"The porters should be up soon, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. I'll be over at the nurses station just outside Onika's room." She motioned to door before smiling again and leaving after he thanked her. He stayed still, just watching them sleep before moving Jay very carefully to a more comfortable position where he was laying down and under the covers with Nicki then he gently took Alia from Nicki's arms. It was a few minutes before the porters arrived, much to his annoyance they were quite noisly pushing the crib in and knocked down some equipment startling Nicki from her sleep. He looked at them angrily making sure to thank them, coldly. Apologising prof

"Sorry babe, they were jus' bringin' up a crib for this one." He nodded his head down to Alia, thankfully neither her or Jay had woken up.

"Oh. How long have a been sleep for?" She shifted a little, her ribs and stomach were still tender from falling over the night before.

"Maybe 'bout an hour. Listen, we really need to talk and I totally understand if you don't wanna tlk right now but we do need to talk." He said it quite nervously, reaching out for his arm she rubbed it soothingly.

"I'm up for talking now. If you are?" He sighed and looked up at her again.

"Yeah...You start though, I won't interrupt. Just listen, and then I'll talk." Sitting back a little he got comfortable and prepared to listen to his wife, like, really listen to what she had to say. She took in a huge breath and let it out slowly before starting to speak, she was rubbing her hand gently on Jay's head as she talked quietly.

"Well, Ion even know where to start. You wouldn't talk to me, you never let me in. To this day I still don't have a clue about how you were feeling or what you were thinking. I guess I just felt, alone." She looked down trying not to get emotional again. "It's been really hard trying to be strong for you and the kids but I felt like I didn't have a choice. I couldn't just break down and cry." She was actually crying at this point, he felt so awful. "I just...I want to know what is going on in your head, I want you to feel like you can talk to me Faree." She really let go after that, signalling to him that she had finished. He reached out for her free hand and held it tight.

"I am so sorry. I never, ever meant for you to feel like that. I honestly can't remember what I was thinking, but I know I felt empty. I mean, shit, I lost all my friends Nic." He started to tremble slightly. "And that kid, he was so fuckin' small and I just couldn't..." Swifty wiping a tear that escaped he shook his head. "There was nothing I could do and I don't know why but I just kept picturing Jay like that..." He stopped again, she knew he was done for now and squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"Hey, look at me." He did what she asked.

"Jay is safe, Alia is safe, we're safe and this little one in here is safe. Nothing is gon' happen to us. I promise."

"I love you. All of you." He skimmed his eyes across his sleeping children before returning his gaze back to her. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the anti-depressants, I was wrong for that. I hadn't taken any. Kellie prescribed them but, y'know I always be hearin' 'bout people gettin' hooked on the shit. I didn't want that to happen."

"If Kellie prescribed them babe, she was prolly thinkin' of you in the long-run. If you take them and don't feel comfortable with it in a few weeks you should stop and we'll see what else can be done. But honestly, if she gave them to you I think you should give it a try." She sniffled as she wiped the last of her tears away.

"I understand what you're sayin' and I am more than willing to try it for the sake of my family." He leaned in and kissed her also letting her kiss Alia's little head before he lay her in the pink crib. "Now, get some sleep. Ion know 'bout you but I am exhausted."

"You can't sleep on that! You'll wake up looking like a freaking hunch back!" She whispered loudly whilst stifling a giggle as he tried to get into a comfortable position on the chair.

"Well, move over then! Stop hogging the bed!" He laughed and stood up as she moved Jay smoothly. The bed was extremely wide, so Safaree didn't struggle to fit on. After kissing one another passionately they fell asleep as they always did, with Jay in between them whilst Alia was to the side of Nicki.

*** The Next Day ***

The doctor had returned that morning to talk to Nicki an Safaree about what had happened, as when he informed Safaree about her losing a twin she was sleeping. They left after Faye did another scan just to show Nicki her baby and tell her that she was almost 11 weeks pregnant.

They were both relieved to see the house looking spotless, Drake had obviously tidied up after himself. In a way Nicki was hoping that Safaree would enjoy Drake's company, after all it had been over a month since he really had any contact with anyone other than herself and the kids. Laying in bed that evening Nicki decided to bring the topic up. she was laying flat whilst he was sat upright watching TV with the sound down, he always did that when he watched the news.


"Yeeeaah?" He prolonged his answer mockingly.

"What do you think of Drake?" She tilted her head his way as he looked down at her next to him.

"Well, at first I thought he was a dick." She couldn't help but laugh at how casually he said it before letting him continue.

"But after yesterday, Ion know I guess he's ok. Still a bit cocky for me, ain't nobody as good at bein' cocky as me!" This was what she missed. Their pointless, stupid conversations. She just smiled at him.

"I think it would be good for you to have a guy friend to have around. Y'know what I'm sayin'?"

"Yeah. I mean we had a good talk yesterday. No arguments, so I asked him 'round for dinner with us on Friday when your family come over." Nicki instantly beamed, she didn't know they were coming.

"How long they coming for? And why didn't you tell me?"

"They stayin' for the weekend so Cai can come too but your dad can't make it anymore. He's got some business meeting to go to or somethin'" He wrinkled his brow trying to think. "...Anyway, your Mom, Cai and Jelani will be over at noon, on Friday."

"Now I'm excited!" She grinned goofily as he leaned down to kiss her. "Wait, so Drake is coming too?" He nodded to answer after pecking her lips briefly, she could tell he was tired. Jay must have been too because he was asleep in his own bed and hadn't yet coming running through to be in their room.

"Oh yeah, Drake said Jay was mad quiet when he looked after him, he just played by himself for most of the day. Never spoke a word."

"Well, he's always like that with other people." She yawned and put her hand on his arm. "I don't know what we can do to help him fit in, y'know, socially."

"I do." She looked at him with a confused face waiting for him to tell her. "Drake's girlfriend is coming along to dinner too, she has a four year old kid as well so they bringing him with them." Nicki looked at him unsurely.

"Babe I don't know if that's such a good idea, I mean wh-"

"Shhhh!" She was about to open her mouth to cuss at him for shushing her like that but seeing his face she didn't. "Faree? What is it?" She whispered, he could hear how scared she was of his weird behaviour.

"Don't you hear that?" Sitting silently they both listened, surely enough she heard what he was talking about and moved closer to his body.

"What the fuck is that?" Her eyes were wide as the slight scratching sound got louder, almost as if it was coming nearer to them. Clutching at his shirt Nicki got even closer to Safaree. She could feel how tensed up he was. Without warning their door started to open.

"Holy shit!" Nicki jumped and lay back almost as soon as she sat up to see what it was. It was Jay walking in, slowly dragging his big beanie bear behind him. It must have been the sound of that being dragged on the wood flooring outside their room for a soon as he got on to their carpet the sound stopped. Both of them were now laughing at stupid they were being, jumping at every little sound.

"Mommy?" Nicki looked down and acknowledged him, pulling him and his bear up into bed with them.

"Jay, baby you gon' have to start sleeping in your own bed soon. Like a big boy, 'cause that's what you are isn't it?" He just nodded and climbed over her to try and get into his place, Safaree intervened and picked him up as he went to stand, unknowingly on Nicki's stomach. They both looked at each other and decided to leave him, after all they were both too tired.

*** Friday ***

The rest of the week seemed to fly by and now they were getting ready to have everyone over for dinner. Sat in the lounge room, Safaree was holding Alia close to his chest as Nicki started talking.

"What if this kid that's coming over tonight is mean to my baby?" she pouted and looked over at Jay who was stacking up all of his toys by size order. When Jay was around two years old they would always find random stacks of toys about the place, it took them ages to actually realise it was him doing it. He was diagnosed a couple weeks later when he turned three.

"I'm sure he'll be fine, Jay can handle his ass anyways!" He said it cockily and turned to look at her unimpressed face.

"My baby ain't gon' be a cocky ass like his father!" She stood up laughing and rubbed her hand across his cheek.

"But I still love you. Even when you're being a major asshole." she kissed him twice before disappearing into the kitchen.

They planned on telling everyone that Nicki was pregnant when they all arrived for dinner. They ahd talked long and heavily about whether or not to tell them about losing one of the babies and decided that they would keep it between themselves and ask Drake to keep it zipped. Nicki didn't want to have to explain it to them all and have everybody knowing. Safaree understood what she was trying to say and they both agreed to always think about that baby on it's birthday. She felt ridiculous crying about losing something she never knew she had but she couldn't help get emotional about it, understandably. But Safaree was always there and with him starting on the anti-depressants things were looking up...

*Ohh sorry guys that's all I have time for tonight :/ I just wanted one chapter where lots of things got resolved or achieved so now Safaree is starting on his mediaction and he and Drake are gonna be little guy buddies, Jay is gonna make a new friend >_> hopefully, the new baby is all good, and now they're about to announce the pregnancy *wipes brow* Now that is all sorted let's just see what happens next >:) I don't know when I will be posting again because I am a bit behind with my uni work right now :// so I will post whenever I can :)) Thanku guys for all the comments I received on chapter 11! I really appreciate you doing that, like a LOT! ^__^ Muuuah hope this was ok for you all!! Oh an I apologise for any typos or other mistakes, like in the last chapter I said Jay had his hands tightly over his eyes -__- I meant ears obviously XD*


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  4. Awww, things are looking up for them! ^__^
    In my head, Jay is just the sweetest little thing! Everything he does is ridiculously cute!
    I hope Safaree and Drake can be friends! & Jay and Drake's son too!!

    Nice chapter and good luck w/ ur school work! Don't worry too much about posting either, school comes first!! :)

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