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15. Noises Through The Night (Full Chapter)

*Kay, so here is the full chapter, I reeeallly have to apologise for how awful any of my recent posts are on my four blogs. I have a heap of uni work to do as well so I post whenever I have spare time and sometimes end up rushing them :/ So I'm sorry, but I did just finish a major assignment so I felt like posting! And yes this is kind of a pointless chapter I don't really know why I did it haha but there will be more drama soon, just consider this a kind of connecting chapter where not much happens! :)) I'll be posting in WTWC next, then CAHM again because I already have more than the requested comment number! You guys are amazing! <3*

She sat on the edge of their bed, trying not to move too much and wake Jay. He'd fallen asleep in their bed, again. Looking down at her 5 month bump she smiled as she she rubbed lotion on herself. Even though it was only 8pm she felt drained and was happy to be done with bathing and feeding the kids and just getting into bed. She was trying to push her worries to the back of her mind. Safaree had gone out and still wasn't home, convincing herself he was probably just at Drake's she continued getting ready for bed. As soon as she was snuggled up she pulled her phone out to call him, but he wasn't answering. The last couple of days had been really stressful, she had been more snappy and moody than usual so they had been arguing more frequently, hence him leaving to go out that day to avoid her hormonal outbursts. Stopping what she was doing she looked over at Jay who was stirring in his sleep, she put her phone down and rubbed her hand over his back, soothing him back to sleep before he woke properly. Just as she was about to lay down she heard the front door rattling, knowing it was Safaree unlocking it she tried to go to sleep, being in no mood to deal with him right now. He wasn't even attempting to be quiet as he rustled around and stomped up the stairs before staggering into their room. He was drunk.

"Baaaabe?" He was trying to whisper, unsuccessfully. He heard her huff and started laughing like a child being told off. "My bad." Before he knew it she'd hurled a pillow and blanket it at him.

"You outta your fuckin' head if you think I'm bouta let you sleep in here! Hope the couch is comfortable, the spare bed isn't done up." She half yelled and turned back around to lay down again.

"Are you fuckin' serious right now?! I pay the bills in this damn house!" He wasn't prepared for what came next as she threw the covers back, snatched her pillow and stormed towards him, slapped him as hard as she could across his face and marched downstairs. "Damn hormones, the last time I put a baby in her! Shit!" He shook off the stinging pain he felt on his face and flopped on to the bed, forgetting Jay was in there. All Nicki heard from downstairs was her baby screaming, and she automatically knew what had happened and raced upstairs. Pulling him from the bed she scowled at the drunken mess her husband was and took Jay into his own room, trying to stop him from crying.

"Oh baby, it's ok. What a nasty way to wake up? Did he hurt you?" He didn't answer and carried on crying so she figured he was just shell shocked. "Jay, let go. You have to go to bed." She tried to remove his arms from around her neck but he wouldn't budge and his feet kept kicking her bump as he tried to cling on to her even more. Giving up she stood up straight and sat on his bed letting him sit on her knee with his head resting her chest. The plan was to wait for him to fall asleep and then go back downstairs, to her makeshift bed but a banging noise from downstairs made her jump.

Whipping her head around she sat still, looking down at Jay she saw his eyes getting heavy and decided to place him in his bed carefully and quickly, making sure to tuck him in before she left. She didn't want to go downstairs but somebody had to go and see what it was, obviously it wasn't going to be Safaree. The noise was still happening as she stood frozen at the top of the stairs, not breathing. It was definitely coming from downstairs, slowly stepping on to the first step she gripped the railing with one hand as the other lay protectively on her bump. It got louder as she continued down the stairs, feeling the cold suddenly hit her she looked towards the front door and sighed angrily. Safaree had left the front door wide open, she was already angry with him and now this just tipped her over the edge. Grabbing the handle she shut it quietly and made sure it was locked. Even though she knew it was Safaree who left the door open she still felt uneasy about sleeping downstairs alone now so she made her way back upstairs, checking on Alia and Jay before going back into their room. He was still in the same position as he landed in earlier. Face down, diagonally across the bed which meant she would just have to find a space and take it.

"Why he gotta take up so much room?" She tugged at the covers until she got enough to climb under and settled there, hoping the he didn't roll over during the night.


"Nic? Baby?" She felt her body being jolted lightly as her eyes fluttered open.

"Hmmm?" She was still half asleep and was getting annoyed with his incessant shaking.

"Alia needs feeding, she won't stop crying and she's not taking a bottle." His voice was croaky and deep, it always was the day after he'd been drinking which made her remember what happened last night. She sighed and turned over to face him, he was sat on his side of the bed with a bottle in his hand.

"well, where is she?" He stood up and went to get the distraught baby as Nicki tried to wake herself up some more, she felt exhausted. Alia's cries grew louder as he approached their bedroom again.

"Here, I've tried her with this three times she won't take it." For about a week now they had been trying to switch her on to formula, but it wasn't going too smoothly and always ended up with Nicki having to feed her herself. She pulled Safaree's shirt off of her body and bunched the covers all up around herself leaving part exposed so that Alia actually had access to her breast, before holding her arms out to take her now screaming daughter. Safaree sighed in relief and his face relaxed as Alia latched on, there was silence at last. His head was pounding from his drunken night and her cries where echoing right through him. He opened his eyes as he lay still and turned to look at his wife. She looked angry, he had a feeling why but couldn't really remember anything from last night. "Babe, I'm sorry for comin' home drunk last night, Ion know what got into me."

"If it happens again, I won't be sticking around to see you the next mornin'. You hear me?" He looked at her remorsefully.

"Yeah, it won't happen again, I promise." Sitting up slowly he moved closer to her and they both looked down at Alia. "Can't believe we gon' be goin' through all this again. It feels like only yesterday she was actually born, It's gone so quick." He kept on watching her feed as he smoothed over her baby curls. He could feel Nicki staring at him and looked up, making their eyes meet.

"You are happy 'bout this aren't you Faree?" She looked worried now, still kind of angry but more worried than anything.

"Babe, of course I'm happy! In fact, I'm over the moon. Let's do some baby shoppin' today." Nicki wrinkled her brow.

"I really want to, but I'm tired and I feel all sluggy. Can we just stay home?" She poked her bottom lip out making him lean forward and kiss her, pulling her lip into his mouth.

She pulled away first. "That's gross, we haven't even brushed our teeth yet you animal!" He laughed at her until the pain in his head made him go quiet, he felt her small hand wrap around his wrist. "Babe? You kay?"

"Mm, my head is throbbin' like a bitch though." After he finished his sentence he looked over at a smirking Nicki and exhaled slowly. "Go on, say it. I know you just gon' do it later anyway." She tried to lean into him but couldn't go too far in case she squished Alia so he moved forward to meet her halfway as their lips made contact.

"Serves. You. Right." She uttered between light kisses.

"Mmm, whatever. What d'you wanna eat?" He studied her face as she twisted her mouth at the corner.

"Surprise me. And bring me my other baby." He knew she was referring to Jay when she said that so he disappeared and came back with a lethargic looking Jay in his arms and gently put him on the bed. "Morning sleepyhead!" All she received was a grumpy stare before he turned over and got comfy.

"Just like his Mom in the morning." Nicki glared at him.

"Hey, he had a rough night. Leave him alone."

"Why? What happened?"

"You really don't remember?" she furrowed her brow as she shifted Alia in her arms, the way she was resting on her was making her arm go numb.

"No." He shook his head, still stood in the door way.

"You full on, like, belly flopped on to the damn bed, with him still in it!" Although it wasn't remotely funny she still cracked a small smile as she said it, it was becoming more amusing only because Jay wasn't hurt.

"Shit, my bad! Sorry liddle man!" He walked back over to the bed and scooped him up, he'd fallen asleep again. "Did I hurt him?" Nicki felt bad now, hearing the sadness in his voice. She knew he would never, ever purposely hurt either of their children.

"No, he's good....I mighta hurt you though." She looked down as Alia stopped feeding.

"What do you mean?"

"I slapped you. Pretty freaking hard too. I'm sorry." She watched his face as he blinked.

"I dont remember, but I prolly deserved it, I'm sorry."
He looked at her tired face and waited for her to say something.

"I forgive you, just please don't do it again? And I'm sorry I slapped you."He could only just make out the last part as she said it mid-yawn, he looked at the clock. It was only 7am.

"Here, I'll take these two. You go back to sleep, you look mad tired." When she didn't object and whispered thank you he figured she was glad. He passed his t-shirt that she slept in back to her as he took Alia from her arms. Admiring her topless body for a moment until it was covered again. He smiled and left the room with a child in each arm, shutting the door behind him with his foot.


"Yes, Jay, Drake is coming over. If you ask me one more time, I'll call him and tell him not to." Safaree laughed as he said it. Jay had been asking if Drake was coming ever since he heard his Dad on the phone speaking with him earlier that morning. "Now, go tidy up that mess you left in there." He pointed to the living room where Alia's happy chirping could be heard. It was almost 11am and Nicki was still sleeping, he kept wondering whether or not to wake her but he figured if she was still asleep she must need it, especially with her being pregnant. Suddenly hearing small footsteps hitting the wooden stairs he swiftly moved out of the kitchen. "Jay, what did I tell you before?" He saw his little body tense up as he turned to face his Dad, with an adorable pout which resembled Nicki's. Jay's head dropped as he sat in a temper on the stair he was on. "Tears ain't gon' do nothin' boy. I told you twice, Mommy's tired. You can see her when she's up later, kay?" Jay didn't answer as his crying became more audible, making Safaree feel bad. It was weird actually being able to 'feel' things now. The anti-depressants were making him feel empty and emotionless, he hated it so decided to try not taking them for a while, so far he was happy with the improvement which is why he had to tell Nicki that he had stopped taking them. Hopefully she would be ok with it. "C'mere." He extended his hand out to Jay who took it and climbed into his Dad's arms, he was still crying. "Well if  she gets grumpy then it's your fault." He continued climbing the stairs and made his way quietly into their room. Surely enough she was still asleep. "See? Told you little boy. She's sleep." He playfully popped the 'p' at the end of the word sleep, making Jay giggle slightly. "Right, let's go back downstairs. Drake's gon' be here soon. You excited?" He whispered loud enough for him to hear and he nodded furiously with a huge grin plastered on his little face.


"So where's she at now?" Drake was sat comfortably on their lounge room couch. Safaree had just finished telling him about how rotten it must have been for Nicki when he came home drunk last night.

"She's still sleepin'. I should prolly go wake her actually." He glanced at the lounge room wall clock it was past midday. Alia wasn't properly crying yet but she was grumbling and wouldn't take the bottle. Again, so he had no choice really. He jumped up from the couch. "Hey, could you keep an eye on these two for second?" Drake nodded, he loved looking after Jay and Alia, he'd done it a few times whenever they went out for dinner, just the two of them. Nicki liked the fact that Jay loved Drake, she felt safe leaving them with him. as Safaree jumped up the last step he pushed their bedroom door open and panicked at what he was greeted with.....

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