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16. Surprise - Part One

"Nicki! What the hell happened?" He ran over to where she was sitting on the floor and knelt down to her level.

"I got up and felt really dizzy so I sat down for a minute, I'm okay though." She went to try and get up but Safaree stopped her.

"Nic, your nose is bleedin'." He ran to their bathroom as she brought her hand to her nose feeling the fluid trickling down her face and now on to her hands. "Here, tilt your head back." She did as he said when he returned and let him hold the tissue there. This had happened before when she was pregnant with Alia so it wasn't new to them but she still didn't like it, understandably.

"Ugh, I can taste it Faree!" She tried to pull his hand away from her face but he used his other free hand to stop her.

"Leave it Nicki, it'll stop in a minute just hold it there, I'll go get you some water." He allowed her to take over and went to go into their bathroom but her muffled voice stopped him.

"Ion want tap water, there's a bottle in the fridge." She paused. "Thank you." He was still in earshot of the last part as he made his way out of the room, bounding down the stairs.

"Everythin' ok down here?" He quickly asked on his way to the kitchen.

"Yeah, we all good. Ain't that right Jayman?" Jay nodded and turned back to the TV as Drake smiled before pulling a puzzled face seeing the red substance staining Safaree's hands. "What's happened? Is she ok?" He stood up still holding a restless Alia in his arms.

"Yeah, she's just got a nosebleed. Happened all the time with her." He pointed at Alia as Jay made a beeline for the stairs and raced up them before Safaree could stop him. "That boy." He shook his head and continued with his original task of getting the water as Drake resumed his position back on the couch with Alia. Before Safaree had chance to even make it out of the kitchen Nicki appeared at the bottom of the stairs with Jay in tow.

"Hey Drake." He turned to see her taking a seat on the other couch, her hand still pressed to her bloody nose. It must have been a bad one because he could see the blood staining her chin and the tissue was increasing in redness by the second.

"Oh, hey. How you feelin'?"

"Uhm, right now? Not so hot." She smiled, he could tell because of the way her eyes looked. He loved her eyes. "How 'bout you?" she asked as she flopped on to the chair with a clingy Jay clambering to try and sit with her until she hauled him up on to her lap.

"Yeah, good thanks. Safaree's just gettin' your water." She just nodded in response as Jay said something to her really quietly.

"Well go get it then baby. I put it with all your others, in your room." As soon as she said that he hopped up and ran back up the stairs making Drake look at her with a confused expression. "You'll see, in a minute." Before he could reply Safaree returned and almost went back up the stairs too but caught sight of Nicki and walked her way.

"Here." He handed her the bottle and a sandwich he must have quickly made. "Eat that too, you ain't eaten since yesterday." After he'd handed her the food and water he took a seat next to her. "Is it still bleedin'?" She removed her hand and turned to face him fully, he didn't speak making her wave her hand in his face after a fews seconds of silence.

"Hello? Faree? Is it bleedin' or not?" He still didn't answer again for a couple seconds until he felt her hand grasping his. "Faree?" She had forgotten about his whole ordeal with the crash and the little boy, all the blood he told her about.

"Huh? Oh, right, uhm no. No, I think it's stopped now. You feel ok?" She just looked at him before nodding slowly, Drake could see she looked worried but that little moment was interrupted by an unaware Jay leaping down the stairs with a painting in his hands, walking shyly over to Drake he put the picture on his knee and chewed on his bottom lip as he backed away towards Safaree. He passed Nicki on the way as she went to take a fussy Alia off of Drake whilst she wiped the last of the blood off of her face with the left over tissue.

"He spent all day on that yesterday. You like it?"

"I love it!" He let Nicki take Alia as he looked over at Jay. "Thanks little man, this goin' straight on the wall back home." He smiled some more when Jay got all shy and hid behind his dad.

"Nic, you need to eat your-" He stopped after he looked at her empty plate she left on the couch next to him before turning his gaze back to her. "How fast did you eat that?" She blushed.

"I was hungry!" They all laughed until Nicki caught Drake staring at her bump which was slightly exposed as her shirt she had changed into earlier was a lot smaller than Safaree's oversized tee and had ridden up. She uncomfortably pulled the fabric back over her skin making him look up and away awkwardly. The awkward silence was broken by Safaree's cell ringing on the coffee table making him jump up and answer it on his way upstairs, only his muffled voice could be heard from then on until he was completely inaudible. Nicki furrowed her brow suspiciously before moving into the kitchen with Jay and Drake following.

"What do you two want?" She looked at Drake's clueless face before expanding the question. "For lunch, what do you wanna eat?" She listed off what there was until Jay jumped up and down excitedly, letting her know that was the one. "Well go wash your hands and I'll start making it." Watching him run off she turned back to Drake. "You can sit down, don't mind me." He felt bad not doing anything so he helped get the plates and everything else she needed out whilst she heated up another bottle for Alia to see if she would actually take it.

"She as stubborn as you?"

"Excuse me?" She turned to face him with Alia still in her arms as she screwed the lid on the bottle. "So she has good taste, she knows the difference between what's good and what ain't." Her cocky attitude made him smile as they both took a seat at the table.

"Aight, my bad. I'm headin' into unknown territory now. I'll shut up." He laughed as she just nodded his direction whilst trying to get her child to accept the bottle. The struggle went on for a while and was still happening when the cooker timer went off, luckily Drake was there and sorted all of that out as Nicki continued to battle with Alia.

Suddenly Safaree popped his head around the door frame. "Nic, babe, I gotta head out for a bit, I'll be back later." He was going to carry on leaving but her voice stopped him

"Safaree, where are you goin'?" About to stand up, she stopped seeing him come back into the kitchen. Drake felt out of place and decided he would go get Jay and then leave seeing as Safaree was going out.

"I'm just goin' to see a friend, don't fret. I'll be back in a couple hours." He kissed her nose and then her lips. "Promise." As soon as Drake left she felt like she could talk more openly.

"Why can't you just go see them another day? I'm sick of being on my own Safaree! You're never here anymore!" He dropped his head hearing how upset she sounded, that and Alia's cries. "Please?" She stood up and walked over to him. "Can't you just stay home with us, for one day?"

"I'm sorry, I have to go. Time me, I'll be three hours max." He went to kiss her again but she moved away causing him to sigh and shake his head as he left.

"Here your Mom's finished makin' your lunch." Nicki heard Drake's voice and tried to control her tears but was failing miserably so she faced the window by the cooker, having finally given in to Alia's grumpy screams she was breast-feeding her as she stood. "Did you wash your hands?" Jay nodded to answer Drake's question and tucked into the food that was placed in front of him.

"Thanks Drake." He could hear her crying as she thanked him and quite honestly didn't know what to do, obviously he didn't want to leave her like this but staying would look weird to Safaree, wouldn't it?

"Nicki? What's wrong?" He moved closer to her and rested his hand on the small of her back and rubbed as she just shook her head.

"Nothing, I'm fine." He could feel her body shuddering with each breath she took. Suddenly Drake felt a small hand pulling at his wrist, only to look down and see an angry Jay shaking his head violently and moving his hand off of Nicki's back.

"No!" He kept his face scrunched up as he looked up a Drake.

"Jay, it's all good I'm just makin' sure your Mom's ok." He watched as the young boy grabbed on to Nicki's leg making her look down and rub his head as he hid his face.

"I'm sorry, I'm just bein' stupid." She pulled her free hand away from Jay's head and wiped her eyes before looking at Alia who was slowly but surely drifting off to sleep as she fed her. "I'm gon' go put her down for a bit." Drake knew her well enough to know that she was trying her hardest to stop crying right now. He let her go nevertheless, giving her some space and stayed with Jay in the kitchen as he finished his lunch off.


About half an hour later Nicki returned from upstairs, without Alia so Drake was assuming she'd finished feeding her and put her down for a nap. Her eyes were still puffy and red but she was no longer crying, she still looked beautiful to him even with the swelling and redness. As she stood before him he noticed she was still wearing her little pink tee which only just stretched to reach over her bump and a pair of baggy sweats. He didn't know what to say, what if whatever he said made things worse? Like his Mom, if anyone asked her if she was ok when she visibly wasn't it would just make her burst into tears. He decided to play it safe and ask about Alia.

"Did she go down ok?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah she was out like a light as soon as she was in her crib." She sniffed and sat down, grabbing the remote to lower the volume of the TV seeing as Jay had lost interest and was now playing in the corner. "You didn't have to stay y'know? I could just call you when Faree gets home. If he gets home." She mumbled the last part but Drake heard. He felt awful because earlier that morning SB had explained to Drake a surprise he had planned for Nicki and that's where he had to quickly run off to this afternoon.

"No, I don't mind. Really." He paused for a moment. "You seemed pretty, upset before, you alright now?" He wanted to break into the question without upsetting her again but panicked when she looked down and stared to cry. Me and my fucking mouth he thought to himself as he swiftly moved over to sit next to her. "Hey, come on Nic, what's wrong?" He pulled her into a hug and soothingly rubbed her back. He knew part of it would be the fact that she's pregnant and she was probably hormonal, this was practically the only thing he knew about pregnancy honestly. That and where the baby comes out of when it's born, all this stuff was new to him. She didn't cry for long, which he was relieved about as he figured it wouldn't be too healthy for her or the baby. "You ready to talk yet?" He let her pull out of his grasp as she steadied her breathing and leant back into the couch.

"I just....Ion even know why I'm crying." She laughed a little and wiped her cheek. "Safaree's never here anymore, I feel like I'm just sittin' in this damn house twenty four seven with the kids and I feel like shit for sayin' this but I can't take 'em out by myself! I can't cope with Jay if he has one of his tantrums as well as tryna..ugh...." She trailed off and shook her head. "I just want him to spend a little time with us I guess. I'm lonely." Drake nodded, never taking his eyes off of her face as she spoke.

"Things'll get better, 'specially when this liddle one comes along, right?" He was trying to cheer her up because he had a feeling that Safaree's surprise would really make her happy.

She sighed and smoothed her hand over her bump. "Yeah, I hope so." As she moved her palm over her stomach he could actually see the baby kicking, having never seen anything like it before he spoke without thinking.

"Does that not feel, strange?" his face was scrunched up as he spoke.

"Well, no not really, not anymore. It did with Jay 'cause I'd never experienced it before." She smiled properly for the first time since he'd actually seen her today. "Here, you feel." Without hesitating she gently grabbed his wrist and pressed his hand onto her bump where she felt the baby kicking.

"That is so...weird!" He laughed as he felt what he guessed was the baby's foot kicking where his hand was placed. But his smile soon faded as he noticed her face before she quickly sat forward grabbing both sides of her bump. He pulled his hand away when she groaned. "Nicki? Is it the baby?"

"Ugh, Ion know." She moved to the edge of the couch and stood herself up, exhaling as she swayed a little with one hand massaging her bump, trying to last through whatever pain it was that she was feeling.

"You need me to call the midwife or anything?" He had already jumped up and was watching her intently with wide eyes which made her giggle slightly.

"Would you calm down?" She laughed a little more and put her spare hand on his forearm. "It's prolly nothing, just a twinge." She stood up straight when the pain subsided. "See? It's gone now." She let her arms flop to the side as she saw him relax.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Thanks." She sighed and picked up some of Jay's toys left scattered around before she tripped on one later. Just as she was about to start talking again Drake's phone chimed in his pocket. It was a text from Safaree asking a favour, he needed Drake to get Nicki out of the house for a couple hours so he could finish his little surprise he had for her. "You kay Drake?" He realised he'd gone quiet trying to think of a way he could get her out.

"Yeah I'm good I was just thinking....You said you always locked up in here, how 'bout we take Jay to the park or somethin'?" He prayed she'd say yes but the look on her face said "no".

"What? Like, me and you? Ion know drake.... Anyhow look out the window fool!" Her voice got higher towards the end of her sentence as he turned to look outside. It looked pretty windy and close to rain but it wasn't that cold.

"That, Onika, is why coats were invented. Come on! Look." He pointed at a miserable looking Jay who was also staring out of the window. "He's a kid, he needs to burn all that.....kid energy or somthin'. Let's ask him." He was about to open his mouth when Nicki hit him with a stuffed toy.

"Don't even think about it!" She tried to remain serious but the devilish look in his eye made her smile.

"I'll do it!" He jumped away from her before enthusiastically yelling. "Hey Jay, you wanna go to the park with Mommy and Me?" That's all he needed to hear before he jumped up at the speed of light and screeched a very loud "Yes". Nicki glared at the side of Drake's head but then realised this was probably a good idea, and seeing how excited Jay was to be leaving the house was refreshing. "So, you up for it Nic?" He had scooped up a bouncing Jay who was excitedly bobbing in his arms. He knew she wouldn't be able to say No once Jay got all hyped up.

"Okaaay." She rolled her eyes. "But you have to behave."

"Of course he will. Won't you?" He tickled him causing a fit of giggles to erupt.

"I wasn't talkin' to him." She squinted but then smiled at his pouty face and took the armful of toys back to the playroom.

"High five liddle man!" They shared a sneaky giggle as they watched her march off and managed to compose themselves as she returned.

"You do realise I gotta go wake up little miss grouchy-pants now?" Jay covered his ears already knowing what that meant. "But hey." She held her hands up dramatically. "Y'all wanna go so I'll go get her ready, you can come too Sir, you need warmer clothes on." Drake let him down and watched them head up the stairs whilst he took that time to text Safaree and let him know they were on their way out.

When they finally came downstairs he couldn't help but laugh at how rugged up Alia looked, he felt kind of bad because she was asleep with her head resting on Nicki's shoulder so he guessed she'd nodded off again. Jay skipped over to the door and waited patiently.

"Does she need any more clothes on, or is she good?" He chuckled and pulled at her little pink coat which looked a little big on her tiny body.

"Leave her alone! Ion want my liddle ladybug gettin' sick." She pulled the hood up over her head and grabbed the car keys. "You ready?"

"As I'll ever be." He took the keys and locked the door for her seeing as she kind of had her hands full and then got Jay into the car as she sorted out Alia. Once those three were in the car he pulled his phone out and gave Safaree the all clear, he was more than happy to help. Partly because he loved their kids but mostly because he liked spending time with her. But he always managed to push that to the back of his head, there's no way he would ever come between them. He knew they loved one another unconditionally and the surprise Safaree was arranging was sure to put a smile on Nicki's face. He just knew it.


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