Wednesday, 19 September 2012

17. Surprise - Part Two

Scratch what he said about it not being cold. It was freezing, and the way Nicki was shaking let him know that. Jay however seemed to be oblivious to the biting cold.

"You kay? Or do you wanna head back?" He felt ok asking since Safaree sent him a text to let him know everything was done and they could come home now.

"Well Jay's havin' fun. It's been ages since I've seen him like this, it's nice." She smiled and looked on at him playing. Although he was by himself he was still enjoying his time there.

"But you're freezin' and won't she need feedin' soon?" He bowed his head at Alia as he rubbed his hands together.

"Yeah, I suppose." She looked down at her. "We better get going then." She paused and stood up from the bench before shouting Jay and making their way back to the car.


"Right, Drake just messaged me, they're on their way back now. Lauren did you put the food out already?" Safaree was still darting around the kitchen trying to sort everything out. He'd managed to get Lauren, Candi, TT, Mama Carol, Jelani, Cai and her father over for a small surprise baby shower, even though it was a little early this was the only time everyone could be together at one time so he took the opportunity.

"Yes SB. You've even seen it, doof." She laughed and shook her head before putting her hand on his shoulder. "Relax! She'll love it, but let's not jump out and yell surprise? We don't wanna shock her into labour or whatever!" Safaree laughed and took a deep breath.

"I hope she's ok with it, she was upset when I left earlier." He folded his lips together and looked down thinking about how absent he'd been recently.

"Hey, it'll be fine. Come on." She tugged at his arm before they headed through to the lounge room where everyone else was sitting comfortably.


Drake kept looking over at her in the passenger seat, she looked uncomfortable as the furrow in her brow deepened and a quiet whimper escaped her lips.


"Hmmm?" Her eyes remained closed as she hummed.

"What's wrong?" He was beginning to panic and kept switching his gaze between her and the road. She opened her eyes and started breathing more normally again.

"Nothing." Unsteadily moving her hands back down to rest on the seat she looked at him tiredly.

"No, something's wrong. I mean, Ion know much 'bout babies or being pregnant or anythin' but I'm pretty sure that doesn't seem too good."

"Drake I'm fine, really. It's prolly just Braxton Hicks."

"What?" She saw his confused face and smiled.

"It's nothing just keep your eyes on the road, please?" He twitched his mouth and carried on with the drive back.

Once they arrived at her house he drove the car into the driveway and turned the engine off, Nicki and both the kids were asleep so he carefully and quietly made his way inside, knocking before he entered.


"Yeah?" He came jogging around the corner expecting to find Nicki with him and his face crinkled when none of them were in sight. "Where they at?"

"Sleepin' in the car."He laughed before turning more serious. "Before I head off, Nicki was been strange earlier, and then again just now in the car." Safaree's face scrunched up a little.

"Like, what kinda strange? Is she ok?" He attempted to get past and go out to the car.

"No, no she said she's fine...She said she thought it was something Hickson or Brix or-"

"Braxton Hicks?"

"Yeah! That..." He paused momentarily. "Is that bad?" He followed behind Safaree as he opened Jay's door and started unbuckling him.

"Uhm Ion know, she's had them before but that was like, further on near her due date." He paused and gently lifted Jay out of the seat. "Here, please could you take him? I'll get Lia out and then wake Nic up." Drake moved forward to grab him and take him inside, where he was met by Mama Carol and everybody else. He was a little nervous and handed the sleeping boy to Jelani before stepping aside. Before long Safaree reappeared with Alia and took her upstairs, heading back outside as soon as he returned.
Meanwhile Mama Carol introduced Drake to everyone as they all made their back to the living room and got comfortable.

"I really should be goin' Ion wanna intrude on anything." He went to stand up but Mama Carol grabbed his arm gently.

"No, after everything you've done for Nika and her family I think you should stay. In fact I know she'd want you to stay. Unless of course you're busy?"

"Oh, no I'm free for the rest of the night I just-" He stopped suddenly as he felt a strong hand from behind push him down into the chair some more.

"Quit playing, stay a while." He looked behind him to see, what he guessed was Nicki's brother, still holding a knocked out Jay.

"Thanks, I'd love that." He smiled warmly back at Mama Carol as she began to speak again.

"I heard he's taken a strong liking to you?" She nodded her head towards Jay as Jelani walked off.

"Yeah, he's an amazing kid."

"I'm surprised Onika lets you take care of him." She suddenly cringed hearing how that sounded. "Oh I didn't mean it like that I-"

"I know what you meant. She doesn't just leave him with anybody." He laughed as she relaxed a little.

"Yeah, she's always been like that." He looked around and realised that three girls were staring back at him, he blushed and tried to shrug it off.

Back out in the car Safaree was sat sideways in the drivers seat watching Nicki, she was still sleeping as his mind ran back to the first time they met in high school. He knew way back at that moment that he loved her. Things hadn't been easy for them though, Safaree struggled at school and Nicki was insanely intelligent. That didn't stop them both from making a stupid mistake though, at 18 she was pregnant with Jay already. They listed all the options they had but Nicki said there was no way she would be able to have an abortion or give her baby away so they decided to keep him, against their parents wishes. He never expected things to move so quickly with them, as soon as Jay was born he had the strong impulse to move out from his parents house and take Nicki with him, to his surprise she said yes. So there they were, two years later living together as a super young family, and it wasn't long until twenty-one year old Nicki got pregnant again with Alia. They felt bad saying she was a "mistake" because that's what they said about Jay but they were the best mistakes they'd ever made to be honest. And now here they were again, twenty-two years old and already about to have their third child. People talked badly about them but they couldn't see how great they were as parents. Especially to have a child with an intellectual disability and still cope with a young baby. He remembered how small Alia was when she was born, they'd panicked when Nicki went into labour because she still had two months to go, but Alia was waiting for nobody. As he continued reminiscing she shifted slightly making him remember that he was supposed to come out here and wake her up. Everybody was still waiting inside and it was almost 5pm.

"Nic?" He shook her arm gently to try and wake her from her slumber. "Nicki?"

"Mm, what?" her eyes opened lazily as she turned to look at him. "Faree? What are you doin' out here?" She brought her head up from resting on the cold window as she yawned.

"I came to wake you up, you prolly slept like, 13 hours today!" He laughed as she moved to get more comfortable. "You kay? Drake mentioned you said somthin' 'bout Braxton Hicks?" He placed his hand lovingly on her bump.

"Yeah Ion know what's goin' on in there. I'll call Faye when we get inside, just to be sure." He saw how worried she looked.

"Don't worry 'bout it, I'll call her. You just relaaaaax." She giggled at how long he made the word last for as he shut his eyes.

"You sound stoned as fuck when you do that! Don't!" She laughed some more before he shot her a mean look.

"Come on." He opened the door an went around to her side to help her out.

Once they made it back inside the sight of everyone sat in her lounge room made her tear up instantly before she turned quickly back to Safaree as he closed the front door.

"This." She waved her arms. "This is what you were bein' all weird and distant for?" Moving forward she kissed him delicately. "I love you."

"Love you too, now go! Everybody's been waitin' on your sleepy ass!" He pushed her carefully through as she was immediately smothered by Candi, Lauren and TT. The greetings went on for a while until Nicki was seated with everybody.

"So you know what you havin' yet?" Lauren asked as she folded her legs up under herself on the couch. All the guys had moved to the kitchen whilst the girls remained where they were, Jay was tired so Mama Carol was upstairs seeing to him and Alia after Nicki fed her.

"Nope. I wanted it to be a surprise but I can't wait so I'm findin' out on Thursday." She smiled big at the thought of it.

"I reckon it's gon' be a boy." Candi hadn't really said much all night so saying that made them all look at her.

"Why?" She tilted her head as she rubbed circles on her stomach.

"Ion know, just a feelin'. Why? You think it's a girl?"

"I honestly don't know." She popped another chicken piece into her mouth as she sat back. "I'm happy either way, just as long as he or she is healthy."

They talked for hours until Nicki was too tired to even keep her eyes open, Safaree solved that problem however as he carried her cautiously upstairs. It didn't matter that she was zonked out because everybody was stopping for a few days so they could do something tomorrow. As he put her down on the bed she woke up to him walking to the bathroom.

"Faree? Where you goin'?" She propped herself up on her elbows to try and watch him.

"To pee, that ok?" He laughed as she just deaded her face at him.

"Well hurry, I want you to come lay with me." She let her elbows give way as she got comfortable again. Once he was finished he climbed on to the bed with her. "Thank you for today and I'm sorry for bein' all moody with you." She pouted as she grabbed his face gently.

"I wanted to cheer you up, 'specially after the way I behaved the other night." He kissed he slowly before pulling away. "You don't have anythin' to be sorry 'bout. You liked your surprise then?"

"Are you kidding? I loved it." She smiled sweetly as she pulled at her top. He noticed and jumped up to go get her some pyjamas, placing them on the bed he moved over to her and helped her get her top off seeing as she was just laying there looking all helpless and pathetic, which made him a laugh a little. "What's so funny?" She cut her eyes at him as he pulled the clothing over her head.

"You! Actin' like a damn invalid."

"Shush. I'm tired, lets put a baby in you and see how you feel." She smiled at how his face twisted up.

"No thanks. " He replied as he pulled at her arms. "Sit up." She did as he asked with a bit of help from him and once he'd put one of his old tees on her he removed the rest of her clothes and re-dressed her.

"Thank you Faree." She added a few extra E's on to his name whilst she lay back.

"You do realise you gon' have to get up anyways? You haven't done your face or nothin'." He disappeared into the bathroom and heard her moaning. "Life's hard huh?" He shook his head and laughed before moving back into their room only to realise that she was stood, leaning slightly over the bed groaning in pain.

"Uhh, can you please call Faye? Somethin' ain't right." She managed to get out as she swayed. Instantly obeying her request he dashed over to her and rubbed her back as he called Faye on his cell.

"You gon' be okay for a minute? I gotta go let her in." She nodded as the pain went away again. Moving swiftly down the stairs he went to the kitchen to get her some water whilst he waited for Faye, she said she was passing by as she was on her way home from the hospital. Literally, minutes later there was a knock at the door making everybody stop what they where doing.

"Hey, yeah, yeah come in." He held the door open wider as Faye walked through, politely waving at everyone. "She's upstairs, you'll see, the door's open." As soon as he directed her she went upstairs whilst Safaree shut and locked the front door.

"What's goin' on? Is she ok?" Lauren's voice was full of worry as Candi's face matched how she sounded.

"Uhm yeah, Faye's just gon' check her over. I'll let you know." He called the last part as he was halfway back up the stairs as he answered her. They all looked at one another anxiously and sat tight waiting.

Once he made it back into their room Nicki was sat on the edge of the bed with her tee rolled up a little so that Faye could reach her bump.

"How long has this been happening?" Nicki looked at her worriedly.

"Um, well Ion know. This is the third time it's happened today."

"Have you been drinking enough water?" She kept doing what she was doing but looked up when Nicki didn't reply. "Nicki?"

"I had maybe a mouthful today and-"

"Well there you go then! They're just Braxton Hicks, usually they happen all the way through a pregnancy but most women don't feel them. You're dehydrated so...Yeah. You're feeling them." She giggled a little as Nick's face relaxed.

"Is there anything you can do to get rid of the pain?" Safaree asked as he sat on the bed too.

"Unfortunately no. But there are things you can do to relieve the pain a little. For starters you can drink this." She took the water from Safaree's hand and gave it to Nicki. "Also, taking a bath usually helps. Just take it easy, kay?" She acknowledged their nods and packed up her stuff. "I can see myself out if you want?"

"No, I'm heading back down for a minute. I'll show out." She smiled as she said goodbye to Nicki and left.


After explaining everything to everyone downstairs they all headed off to bed, thankful that nothing terrible was wrong. Safaree also made his way back upstairs, checking on the kids before he too hit the sack. To his surprise Nicki was still awake, she'd taken Faye's advice and soaked in the bath for a while before she got back into bed.

"How you feelin'?" He asked after brushing his teeth and knocking the lights off.

"Ok, it's not hurting anymore."

"Good." She moved up nice and close to him before she fell asleep in his arms.


Across the street everything was coming together as he planned to make his move....

*Ugh I REALLY hate this chapter but I posted it because it's better than nothing and I said I would post. I'm super sorry for any typos and how rushed this chapter is :// Going through some shitty stuff right now -__- but Imma try and post on WTWC and CAHM tomorrow :) Hope this was kinda ok for you all ://*


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