Thursday, 20 September 2012


I completely forgot that I hadn't put pictures on here :O I usually don't like to in case it ruins the image you have in your head but I've labelled the post so that anyone who doesn't want to see it won't open it, I hope! Haha

Jayson and Alia - I know they're really crappy pictures but I thought they were pretty cute ^-^




  1. Jayson kinda looks a little like Safaree and kinda like PBK and Alia kinda looks like Nicki... just a little... That's cute!

  2. OKAY JAYS ADORABLE. ! hes ganna be a liddo heartbreaker when hes grown and Nic lets him off his leash a little bit. awww he reminds me of safaree so much with his cute hat. Alia is so pretty ! her hair is so adorable with that hairband! bless her lido cotton socks

  3. So freakin CUTE!!

  4. I agree Jayson kinda looks like Safaree. As for Alia, she has the same skin tone as Nicki.