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19. Letting Go (Full Chapter)

"Nicki would you stop freakin' out, they know how to look after her!" He laughed as she continued fixing her makeup in the mirror.

"I know but she's been refusin' the bottle and Ion wanna get down to the school and have to come all the way back to feed her. That and my mom will give me the 'You have to let go sooner or later' talk which I really don't need to be hearin' right now."

"She'll be fine,  c'mere." He pulled her away from the mirror and kissed her. "Can you believe we're 'bouta go check out schools for Jay?

"No, he's still my liddle baby." She looked over at him watching TV on their bed, Jelani and Macaiah had taken charge of the lounge room seeing as they wanted to watch the basketball game. "Is he all ready to go?"

"Yeah just gotta throw his shoes on. What time are we meetin' the teacher person?" He flopped on to the bed with Jay, making him bounce and start to giggle. Nicki smiled, everything was falling together nicely. She had her family and friends here right now, Safaree was well on his way to being back to normal and her pregnancy was going smoothly, barring the Braxton Hicks hiccup.

"Well we gotta set off in like." She looked at her watch. "15 minutes so I'll just go tell Lauren and Candi what Alia's havin' to eat."

"Nic, it's baby food? It comes in jar, they all pretty much the same." He started laughing again only to stop when Jay told him to shush because he couldn't hear the TV. "Damn, my bad." Nicki smiled at him scolding his Dad like that.

"Yes but I need to have everythin'-"

"Organised? Yeah we know!" They were now making their way out of the bedroom when they bumped into Mama Carol going into hers.

"Oh, you all set to go?" She smiled at how healthy Nicki looked and how much Safaree had improved since they moved here.

"Yeah I was just gon' show y'all what Alia is eatin' for lunch and dinner. Then when we get back later I'll feed her beforeI put her to bed."

"You're still mix feeding?" She held eye contact with her daughter as Safaree tensed up, knowing that Nicki was touchy about that subject. She got angry with people who tried to tell her she should stop feeding Alia herself. It was a case of 'her child, her decision'. If she wanted to feed her solid food and breast-feed her before bed too, then she could.

"Mom, please don't. Not right now." She shook her head slightly and went downstairs leaving Safaree stood awkwardly.

"She's almost 8 months old, she's fine on solid food and formula."

"No disrespect Carol, but she's our baby and we'll do what we feel is right." He got scared as soon as he'd said and wished he'd never opened his mouth but her reaction wasn't what he expected.

"You're good parents y'know that don't you?" He smiled half with relief and half with gratitude at the compliment she just paid them. She felt bad for making Nicki feel inadequate sometimes.

"Thanks." He gave her a smile before going back in their room to grab Jay. "Come on liddle man we gotta go." He switched the TV off, scooped up Jay and made his way downstairs as Nicki was explaining everything about what to do with Alia whilst they were gone.

"Nic, we know what we're doin'! We looked after before y'know?" Lauren smirked at a flustered Nicki and kept bouncing a happy Alia on her knee.

"Yeah I know." She sighed loudly. "I guess I'm just kyna freakin' 'bout this whole school thing with Jay." Exhaling slowly she sat down next to Lauren, who handed her Alia.

"Don't be babe, Jay's a cute kid he'll have the girls fallin' over him!" Candi tried to reassure her. "And you and SB got your little date tonight, you gotta be excited 'bout that right?" They didn't need an answer as the way she blushed and smiled said it all.

"See everythin's gon' be fine, stop stressin' it's not-"

"Good for the baby!" She finished Lauren;s sentence and laughed at the way they treated her sometimes. Meanwhile Safaree was stood watching for the whole conversation with Jay in his arms. He'd been wanting to take her out for a meal for the longest time but never found the right moment and now, with friends and family here to take care of the kids he gladly took the opportunity. So they were going at 2pm to check out this school then taking Jay with them to do the grocery shopping and then coming back to drop him home and for Nicki to feed Alia and put them to bed. That way they could shower and change into going out clothes too.

"Kay Nic, you set?" He let Jay down after putting his shoes on, he ran towards Candi and Lauren giving them a peck each before going to the door. "Damn, he's such a ladies man!"

"He don't get that from you then." Candi spluttered as Lauren and Nicki giggled at his face.

"Whatever." He looked back to Nicki. "Ready?"

"Yeah. Remember what I said!" she pointed her finger between her friends before kissing Alia's little forehead and handing her back to Lauren. Leaving the kitchen she shouted goodbye to her parents and brothers and got Jay into the car.


"See! I told you he'd like it!" Safaree beamed as he looked at Nicki's cheerful face. They'd just finished their little tour and talk with one of Jay's soon to be school teachers.

"I'm just glad he's excited, now I can relax a liddle!" She opened the window a bit and started fanning herself. "We need to get the aircon sorted out Faree." He just nodded and blindly handed her a bottle of water.

"Make sure you're drinkin' plenty, Ion want yo' ass faintin' on me."

"Safaree be quiet, I ain't passin' out nowhere!" She chuckled and turned back to look at Jay who was fast asleep, no surprise there.

"So the table is booked for 8pm, what time is it now?" He kept his eyes in the road as she checked her watch.

"It's 4pm, so by the time we done shoppin' we'll be home at about 5, or 6 maybe. That ok?"


"You gon' tell me where we're goin' then?" He could tell she was smiling by the way her pronunciation changed. That and he could see her pearly whites out of the corner of his eye.

"That is a surprise, so you just gon' have to wait and see." He smiled knowing that she hated to be left guessing.

"Well in that case you'll just have to wait and see if you get any tonight." She formed her mouth into a small smile and turned to look out of her window, still fanning herself as Safaree pulled into the parking lot.

"Nic, it's not that hot out, where's your jacket?" He scanned the back seats as she unbuckled herself.

"You kidding? I am not puttin' another layer of clothin' on. I'm freaking melting. Lets get him out and go inside." She carefully stepped out of the car as Safaree did the same before gently picking up Jay who was still sleeping.

"Maybe we should wake him up? He won't sleep later."

"Mmm, you do that I need the bathroom, like, now." They made their way into the cool air of the Supermarket as Nicki headed straight to the bathroom, leaving Safaree to sit Jay in the shopping trolley and wait for her.

He gently shook Jayson awake and watched him rub his eyes before yawning. He felt bad because he looked tired and truthfully he'd had a busy day.

"Wipe the sleep outta yo' eyes boy." He laughed and smoothed his hand over Jay's head.

"What are you two gigglin' about?" Nicki returned and stood at Safaree's side, her bump showing neatly through her loosely fitting top.

"Ah nothin'." He smiled down at her as she rummaged though her purse looking for gum.

"You want some?" She pulled the pack out and pushed it up to his face making him laugh as they started walking through the aisles.

"No Nicki. Now put it away before he sees it." He looked at Jay whose head was lolling around since he fell asleep again. She kept readjusting him so that he wasn't resting awkwardly but it was no use, so she eventually took him out and carried him around. About half an hour into their supermarket trip Safaree could see her struggling so swapped, allowing her to push the trolley whilst he lugged Jay around.

"Aye Nic? What's the stuff Alia eats again?" He was hunched slightly and squinting as he looked at all  the shelf items.

"It comes in Jars Faree, they all the same." She mimicked his earlier comment and chuckled at his serious face before getting the jars herself. "She likes these ones the most." Double checking they were the right ones she placed them with the rest of the shopping. "Kay, I think that's everythin'. Unless you needed somethin'?"

"Nope, I'm good. Let's get outta here." She shook her head and followed him to the checkout, he hated food shopping."


As soon as they got home they were rushing around trying to get everything sorted. They'd spent longer shopping than they'd hoped and hit traffic on the way home so they now had only and hour and a half to get ready. Luckily Mama Carol had already done dinner so when they walked through the door they sat Jay down at the table with everyone and let him eat whilst they went to shower. Thankfully Lauren had fed Alia earlier so she was content with just watching everyone from her highchair.

"Nic, you gon' shower with me?" She turned to look at him unsurely.

"Uhm no, no that's ok I'll just go when you're done." She continued taking her earrings out and wiping her makeup off as he dropped his shoulders, he knew what she was doing. Stepping away from the bathroom doorway and the running shower, her pulled her up.

"Nicki, I've seen you naked and pregnant before!" he moved the hair out of her face carefully. "You look beautiful, now are you gonna come shower with your husband or not?" She rolled her eyes and looked down shyly, taking a few minutes to decide before letting him undress her and stepping in to the shower together. She can't remember the last time they did this, all she knew was that it happened way before Alia was born. It felt good. She let him wash her after she finished washing him and shared a little make out session before knocking the water off and stepping out. As soon as the water died down they could hear Alia crying downstairs.

"Just on time." Nicki dried herself and let Safaree lotion her before she threw her gown on and went to get Alia.

"I'll sort Jay out after I'm dressed." She nodded nicely and made her way downstairs.

"Oh, you ain't goin' out dressed like that are ya Nic?" Macaiah pulled a face at how open the front of her robe was, almost giving everyone an eyeful of her assets.

"Boy shut the hell up! Where's my baby?" They all laughed as she tightened her robe and gently took Alia from her chair. "Faree's gon' come get Jay ready for bed in a minute so don't get him all hyped up." She cut her eyes at Jelani knowing he'd be the one to ignore her. They'd all finished eating and were helping Mama Carol clear the plates away and clean up. Lauren and Candi had helped make dinner so they were sat watching TV. Nicki felt bad that she wasn't spending this time with them but honestly she'd spent every other moment with them. Shopping, taking the kids out and everything else. It was just this one night, she kept reminding herself that so as not to feel bad.

"I'm just gonna go bathe her and feed her, she shouldn't wake up after I've put her down, kay?" They both looked at each other before answering in unison.

"Yes Nicki, we know." Lauren laughed at her frown.

"And we know to call you otherwise! Stop worryin' you're gonna spoil your night with Safaree." She stood up and took Alia from her arms. "I'll go bathe her whilst you get ready, then you can feed her." Nicki smiled gratefully.

"And Ill go deal with your boy, where's he at?" Candi moved from the couch as Nicki pointed to the kitchen.

"Aww you guys! Thank you so much." She grinned widely as they all headed upstairs after Candi had retrieved Jay. As soon as they reached the top they all went separate ways. Going back into her room Nicki stopped for a minute to admire her husband.

"Put your eyes back in your head Nic." He grinned cockily as she snorted.

"Whatever!" She felt bad after his face drooped a little. "But really though, you look handsome." He half smiled at her acting all shy and quiet. He was glad she shut the door as he moved over to her and carefully pulled her robe off, holding her gently. She didn't move whilst he started placing kisses all over her neck before moving to her front and lingering for a while, letting his hands roam her body. As her breathing changed he could tell she was stifling a moan and would soon see to that. He gravitated lower as she placed her hands on top of his head feeling her leg being lifted whilst he placed her foot on his shoulder. She shut her eyes, preparing for what she was about to endure. Being as thoughtful as he was he stopped and lifted her to the bed and lay her down before resuming his position with his head resting between her thighs, kissing either side tenderly. Moving closer to where she wanted.

"Nicki? Are you in there?" She sat up instantly at the sound of her name as Safaree jumped back and handed her robe to her from the floor. The door opened without warning as she was just fastening the clothing around herself.

"What?!" He flinched at the anger in her voice before talking more cautiously.

"My bad, I uh, just wanted to know where the new batteries are kept?" He shifted uncomfortably knowing all too well what he probably just interrupted.

"They're in the kitchen drawer next to the sink." He nodded awkwardly as a gesture to say thank you and headed back back out of the room quickly, but him and his smart mouth just had to say something.

"Oh and by the way y'all are nasty, couldn't you wait 'til everybody was sleepin'?" He laughed obnoxiously and continued going down the stairs as Nicki stood, clearly in shock and slightly humiliated.

"That was close."

"Yeah, almost too freaking close Safaree."

"We'll just finish off where we left off when we get home." He whispered seductively as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her neck. "Now go do what you need to do, we're even more behind now." He tapped her butt and went back to fixing himself up as she proceeded to go do her makeup.


About half an hour later he was on his way back to their bedroom to hurry Nicki up, only to realise she was sat in Alia's room feeding her. Still only in her robe.

"Nicki, we're leaving in like, ten minutes." He walked into Alia's little pink bedroom which was only illuminated by a small light in the corner.

"I know, I'm sorry. She's still not done, I only have to put my dress on and then I'm ready. Promise." she looked up at him as he stood next to the rocking chair she was sat in.

"It's fine, I'd let you go in that if you could." He paused for a moment making her look back at him.

"You kay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine, Just waitin' on my beautiful wife." He smiled at her blushing and leant down to kiss her, meeting her lips for a few seconds and pulling away to let her move.

"I think she's 'bout done." Looking down at Alia's sleepy eyes she pulled her away and stood up to lay her gently in her crib before re-fastening her robe. "Kay Imma go get dressed." She tiptoed to kiss him again and disappeared quickly to go and change. Safaree stayed for a while longer and watched Alia fall to sleep properly before heading out too.

Fifteen minutes later they were heading out of the door, their plan was successful. Both kids were fed, bathed and in bed by the time they were leaving. Going to open her door for her Safaree stood to the side, allowing her to climb in before moving around the vehicle to get in his side.

"You look amazing Nic." He took a minute to look over her whole body as she sat patiently.

"Thank you babe, so do you." Before she buckled herself in she stretched across to him and kissed him lovingly before pulling away. "So, we goin' or what?" Her sentence was finished with the click of her belt buckle.

"We sure are." Once he was buckled up too he started the engine and set off. It only took around twenty minutes before Nicki saw where it was Safaree must have been taking them. It was a new restaurant in town that she'd pointed out to him not long ago.

"Really Safaree?" She turned too look at him but he kept his eyes fixed attentively on the road.

"Yeah, you said you wanted to go here right?"

"Well yeah, but it's so expensive."

"And you deserve it. 'specially after the way I been actin' lately, I'm sorry."

"Faree you don't have to keep apologisin'. It's ok, we've moved past that." She gathered her purse and fixed her lipstick once more in the mirror as they pulled up to get out.

The rest of the evening went by smoothly and they were still sat comfortably at their table two hours later.

"Thank you." Safaree looked up hearing her voice as he set his cutlery down and wiped his mouth.

"For what?"

"Well for a start, all of this!" She waved her arms around. "And for not drinking." He bowed his head a little.

"Hmm I'm stayin' away from that. Ion wanna lose you, any of you." He grabbed her hand gently across the table. "You want dessert?"

"Yes, but it's somethin' I can't get off the menu here." He brought his eyes up to meet hers as he shut his menu.


"Mmm." She folded her lips and moved her chair back.

"OH! Right!" He only just caught on as he quickly stood up. "I'll get the bill."


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