Thursday, 11 October 2012

20. Slipping

*Continuing where I left off*

They made it home after their night out and entered the house quietly knowing Jelani and Cai would probably still be up but they didn't want to wake anyone else. Especially the kids. Making their way through to the lounge room they said goodnight and headed upstairs. Nicki was desperate to get out of her outfit due to how much it was clinging to her bump.

"You good?" He saw her struggling to reach the zipper at the back of her dress before pouting and letting her arms hang down.

"Nooo! could you please get it for me?" She whined and shuffled over to him as he walked and met her halfway, unzipping her out of the black fabric smoothly and letting it fall around her ankles before she carefully stepped out of it.


"What?" Her seductive smile let him know that she already knew. "Oh? You want your dessert now?" She meant what she had said in the restaurant and intended to keep her word. Not just for his sake.

"Do you even need to ask?" Before she could protest he walked over to her tiny frame, sliding his fingers gently under her bra straps, letting them fall loosely before extending his arm behind her to unclasp the garment. Once it was removed he stood admiring her body, wondering where to start.


She could feel the heat of his chest on her back as she steadied herself on the headboard, his thrusts becoming more intense. Only panting and the occasional whimper could be heard as they fought to keep quiet, she let her own hands follow his as they roamed over her skin with his mouth continuing to stay connected to her neck. Because of her bump Safaree had decided to switch things up a bit, Nicki insisted they were fine with her under him but he didn't want to squish her. She was almost there, no longer caring who the hell was in the house as she finally let the moans escape.

"Nicki, shhh." He managed to tear his lips away from her skin for only a moment to try and quieten her down. But before they could finish things off they heard a small cry at the door causing Safaree to immediately slow down his thrusts until he stopped completely. Resting his head defeatedly on her back she too hung her head in frustration, they were so close. Their pants and breath catching filled the room as she spoke up exasperatedly.

"We can't just leave him." Her voice was more of a whisper as he scrunched up his mouth and nodded. Pulling out of her gently he let her turn around and sink back against the headboard.

"I'll put him back in his own bed." Jumping up he pulled the covers over a naked and still gasping Nicki before throwing his sweats on and opening the door to see a distraught Jay sat with his blanket. They knew Jay would go wandering to their room at some point during the night and smartly locked the door. Nicki was just as upset as Safaree about having their moment interrupted but Jay was her baby and she couldn't just ignore him. She turned away and covered her ears so she didn't have to see or hear him crying for her as he was pulled into Safaree's arms. The cries grew fainter the closer they got to his room.

"He asleep again?" She asked a few minutes later when Safaree reappeared in their room, closing the door behind him. Normally she would have been happy to throw on her jammies and have him sleep in their bed but after a long talk with Safaree they decided he had to start getting used to sleeping in his own room.

"Yeah, soon as his head hit the pillow pretty much." He laughed quietly and shimmied his sweats back off again.

"You check on my ladybug whilst you were up?"

"Yes Nicki. She's fine and fast asleep. Now, where the fuck were we?" The devious smile he had plastered on his face made her giggle and move away from him the more he crawled towards her. Her laughing only intensified as he made a lunge for her but ended up slamming the headboard pretty loudly into the wall. They went silent and listened to the commotion in the room next to them. Which happened to be her parents. Holding their breath they heard some mumbling before it was quiet again.

"Shit! Safaree that's the second time we almost got caught today." She shook her head as she whispered loudly. Attempting to get up she felt his strong hand stop her.

"And where the hell d'you think you're goin'?"

"I'm goin' to shower. Wanna come?"

"Do I?" He wiggled his eyebrows playfully making her laugh before launching a pillow at him.

"Get away from me." Pulling out of his grasp, still laughing, she grabbed herself a towel and facecloth before shutting the bathroom door behind her.


The next morning she stood tiredly brushing her teeth as she looked over herself in the full length mirror. With her small hand resting on her bump. She was six months today and was also finding out whether they were having a boy or a girl. She was going to keep it a surprise but couldn't wait any longer.

"Nic? You ready?" Rolling her eyes at his loud mouth she moved back into the bathroom to finish up what she was doing. Honestly she was feeling slightly nervous about her appointment and she'd wanted a scan after experiencing Braxton Hicks two days ago but didn't want to question Faye's expertise. All the worrying thoughts ran through her head as she made her way down the stiars. Locking eyes with Safaree she smiled weakly as she stepped off of the last stair.

"Kay, I'm ready babe. You give Mom Alia's bag?"

"Yup. Bag, pushchair and both kids are safely packed in their car, they waiting to say goodbye." Since Nicki and Safaree were going to this appointment, Jelani, Cai and her Parents offered to take Jay and Alia out for the day. It was their last day and they were going to make the most of it with the kids. Lauren and Candi decided to let them all have a family day whilst they hit the shops.

"Right well, I'll go say bye then. Could you please grab me a water before you lock up?" He turned on the spot and headed back to the kitchen as she hoisted her bag over her shoulder and went outside to kiss her babies goodbye.


Once they parked the car they sat silently for a minute. He could tell something was bothering her and he had an inkling he knew what it was.

"Nic, the baby's gon' be ok y'know? Faye said so herself it was just Braxton Hicks. You were dehydrated." Suddenly reminding himself he handed her water to her.

"Yeah I know but it's still a little scary, thas all." He continued to watch her twiddle with a button on her top.

"I know and I'll admit too. I'm a little nervous but we'll still be sat here worrying if we don't go in there, so come on." He hopped out of the car, getting her door for her and took her hand gently in his before walking them inside. Thankfully they didn't have to wait long before a young nurse called them in.


"Kay, you guys make yourself comfortable. Faye won't be too long." Smiling sweetly she left again. Safaree took his usual position in the chair next to Nicki after he'd helped her up on to the bed. Their hands remained connected as they waited.

"Hello you two!" She burst through the door pleasantly and set her coffee down on the table. "So, how are we all?"

"Yeah, we're fine thank you." Nicki returned the same genuine smile as she caressed her stomach, Safaree's hand still wrapped securely around hers. Looking down at him she nudged his shoulder grumpily to try and grab his attention. He was staring intently at his phone.

"Huh? Oh, sorry Yeah we all good. Thanks." Shoving his phone back into his pocket he focused his mind on what was happening in the room.

"Well that's good to hear, and no more pains or twinges?" She continued to question as she lifted Nicki's shirt slightly, signalling for her to slide her pants down a little.

"Nope. Not a thing, in fact I'm feelin' really good right now." The end of her sentence was half gasped as Faye spread the cold gel on to her skin.

"Well, that's really good Nicki! And sorry I prolly should have warned you I was 'bouta do that!" They both laughed until Nicki felt anxiety hit her as the image showed up on the screen. "Right lets have a look here..." She talked calmly and continued to stare at the screen. "Mmm, well everythin's looking good so far, and you still wanna keep the sex a surprise?" She looked back at them both as they shared a silent conversation with their faces, Nicki broke the silence with an excited voice.

"No, I wanna find out! I can't wait any longer, I changed my mind." Safaree smiled and looked back to Faye letting her know that he agreed.

"Ok well, it looks like you're gonna have another little lady in the house." Safaree's smile widened as he placed his hand over Nicki's.

"Nic, thas our baby girl in there." She looked at him tearfully as he rubbed her bump, he knew her tears were happy tears though.

"So, we're all done here." She handed Nicki a paper towel to remove the gel and let her climb down after fixing her clothes. "I'll see you at the next appointment." They both thanked her and headed back to the car feeling relieved that their baby girl was healthy.

"See, told you everythin' would be fine."He looked over at her as he started the engine.

"Yeah, you did huh? I should listen to my man more often." She leaned over inviting him to do the same so they could share a kiss before they hit the road. Along the way she kept hearing his phone chirping, although she knew very well he wouldn't answer whilst he was driving but the look on his face was beginning to frighten her a little. He looked really bothered. And she knew it had something to do with what he was looking at during her appointment, but she didn't want to question him so kept her mouth shut.

*** 3 Months later ***

Nicki had just about had enough of everything. She was nine months pregnant and 3 days overdue, and to make things worse Safaree had been acting weird again, Jay was throwing more and more tantrums and Alia was still teething, making her nights even more restless than they already were. She knew she was acting overly bitchy about everything but she was tired, aching and fed up. She just wanted the baby out already.

"Jay! I'm not gonna tell you one more time! Get over here." She pointed to the ground in front of her as he still refused to put his coat on. It was Monday and he didn't want to go back to school. She huffed frustratedly as Alia started crying in her highchair and all the while Safaree was sat without a care in the world staring at his phone. Again.

"NO!" He stomped his foot stubbornly and pouted, strongly resembling herself as a child.

"Safaree?! Would you please go sort your son out?!" She marched through to the kitchen to pick Alia up, silencing her immediately as she held on to her mother. "SAFAREE?!" He jumped almost a mile out of his chair at the sound of her booming voice.

"What Nicki?! Can't you see I'm fucking busy?!" He shut his eyes in regret as soon as he said it. "Nic, I ain't mean that I'm-"

"Sorry? Yeah I know, you always are!" She shook her head before walking back through to the lounge room. "Jayson I'ma count to three and if you don't have your coat on still. That's it!" His lip quivered as she raised her voice at him. It did the trick though whilst she intently watched him drag his feet over to where his coat lay after he had a tantrum with it. "Thank you. Now go grab your bag and tell Daddy you're ready to go." She let her hand glide over his head as he walked sadly into the kitchen. After fixing Alia's ruffled up clothes an wiping the pink yogurt off of her little face she sat her down on the rug. She was getting a little too confident now as she was toddling about getting into things she shouldn't. "You stay put. Ion wanna find you stuck somewhere you shouldn't be." She merely got a gurgle in response as she stood herself up using the coffee table and immediately heading wobbly towards the toys.

"Aight, I'm off then. See you later." He moved in to kiss her but she faced the other way, letting his lips brush against her cheek. He knew he'd upset her, so getting out of the house for half an hour would probably give her some time to cool down he thought that would be best for himself, Nicki and the baby. After making up with Jay she kissed him goodbye and waved him off.


The car journey was pretty short as Jay sang along to his kids songs all the way. Almost driving Safaree mad but he knew it was only a short drive so just went along with it.

"You excited boy?" He kept making eye contact briefly through the rear-view mirror.

"No." He looked down at his hands as Safaree furrowed his brow.

"Why not? I thought you liked Monday's?" There was no response as they pulled in to the school parking area. "Well, we gotta get out now. Whether you want to or not." He mumbled the last part under his breath before opening Jay's door and letting him out. He reached up for his Dad's hand as they walked in together.


Back at the house Nicki was about to get in the shower after setting Alia in the little play pen but a knock a the door changed her plans. Swiftly picking Alia up again she walked cautiously down the stairs, she couldn't see who it was but put her eye to the peephole. Seeing a man about the age of thirty in uniform she opened the door hesitantly.

"Yes, what can I help you with?" He turned to face her properly as she startled him.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Grasping his chest he exhaled before continuing. "You made me jump!" His eyes were super brown, along with his smooth skin and clean cut hair.

"I'm sorry."

"Not a problem." He smiled graciously. "Anyway I'm here about your security cameras? I was actually one of the workers who helped install them."

"Oh, okay...Well what about them?" He could tell she didn't want to let him in by the way she was stood, holding her bump protectively whilst soothing Alia at the same time.

"Apparently there's a faulty wire, I been sent to come take a look. You don't mind do you?" She shifted slightly before switching Alia to her other hip.

"Well I suppose if there's a problem." She trailed off before asking another question. "Is this faulty wire dangerous? I mean is it a hazard in our home?" She opened the door some more to let him in.

"Ion know, we've only just been alerted 'bout it but I'll make sure everythin's safe.  I'm Carson by the way." He stepped forward and shook her hand as she returned her own name.

"Okay Carson, well do you want somethin' to drink whilst you fix whatever it is that needs fixin'?"

"Thank you, that would be nice. Just a water will do." He tipped his head at her and smiled. "I been told it's one of the upstairs ones, I'm alright to go up?" His brows were raised as he waited for an answer.

"Yeah sure, there are none in the bedrooms or bathrooms though, just the hallway and stairs."

"Kay, I'll go check it out then." After he'd headed upstairs she proceeded to go through to the kitchen when she noticed Safaree's phone laying on the table. The temptation was there but could she bring herself to do it? She wondered for a second before sitting Alia in her highchair whilst she fixed Carson a drink. It would only be a quick look, and what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him...

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