Sunday, 19 August 2012

14. Noises Through The Night *Sneak Peek*

*Remember this chapter is two months on, hope it's ok for everyone :/ Sorry it's just a sneak peek*

She sat on the edge of their bed, trying not to move too much and wake Jay. He'd fallen asleep in their bed, again. Looking down at her 5 month bump she smiled as she she rubbed lotion on herself. Even though it was only 8pm she felt drained and was happy to be done with bathing and feeding the kids and just getting into bed. She was trying to push her worries to the back of her mind. Safaree had gone out and still wasn't home, convincing herself he was probably just at Drake's she continued getting ready for bed. As soon as she was snuggled up she pulled her phone out to call him, but he wasn't answering. The last couple of days had been really stressful, she had been more snappy and moody than usual so they had been arguing more frequently, hence him leaving to go out that day to avoid her hormonal outbursts. Stopping what she was doing she looked over at Jay who was stirring in his sleep, she put her phone down and rubbed her hand over his back, soothing him back to sleep before he woke properly. Just as she was about to lay down she heard the front door rattling, knowing it was Safaree unlocking it she tried to go to sleep, being in no mood to deal with him right now. He wasn't even attempting to be quiet as he rustled around and stomped up the stairs before staggering into their room. He was drunk.

"Baaaabe?" He was trying to whisper, unsuccessfully. He heard her huff and started laughing like a child being told off. "My bad." Before he knew it she'd hurled a pillow and blanket it at him.

"You outta your fuckin' head if you think I'm bouta let you sleep in here! Hope the couch is comfortable, the spare bed isn't done up." She half yelled and turned back around to lay down again.

"Are you fuckin' serious right now?! I pay the bills in this damn house!" He wasn't prepared for what came next as she threw the covers back, snatched her pillow and stormed towards him, slapped him as hard as she could across his face and marched downstairs. "Damn hormones, the last time I put a baby in her! Shit!" He shook off the stinging pain he felt on his face and flopped on to the bed, forgetting Jay was in there. All Nicki heard from downstairs was her baby screaming, and she automatically knew what had happened and raced upstairs. Pulling him from the bed she scowled at the drunken mess her husband was and took Jay into his own room, trying to stop him from crying.

"Oh baby, it's ok. What a nasty way to wake up? Did he hurt you?" He didn't answer and carried on crying so she figured he was just shell shocked. "Jay, let go. You have to go to bed." She tried to remove his arms from around her neck but he wouldn't budge and his feet kept kicking her bump as he tried to cling on to her even more. Giving up she stood up straight and sat on his bed letting him sit on her knee with his head resting her chest. The plan was to wait for him to fall asleep and then go back downstairs, to her makeshift bed but a banging noise from downstairs made her jump......

* XD lmaooo I LOVE doing that! Anywaay here is a lil something to have seeing as I won't be posting in a while, hope it's alriiiight! Goodnight!! Muuah*


  1. I can't believe Safaree... How dare he come home to his wife and kids like that...

  2. oh Jesus. This can't be happening. Safaree need to take it down some notches and protect his family.

  3. Tha nerve of him to come home to his pregnant wife nd his kids all drunk nd shit nd wat tha hell was tht!!!! Post soon!

  4. -___- really safaree smh gosta do mre betta smh... Great post! Post soon..

  5. -___- @ you leaving us with a cliff hanger and then saying you won't be posting for a while. But Safaree.... really?...get you self together! Hope this isn't a sign of him going back into his depression. Aww at Jay being scared. I just love him! What was that noise??? Post sooner than later please. Great post!

  6. ummmmmm Safaree, your spending way to much time with Drake. Like i know about the car crash and stuff.............but please dont let Safaree turn out like that...he loves his family way to much and he would be crushed if he lost them. I expect a full cuteness apology chap where he cooks romantical meals and spells out im sorry in clouds. *crosses fingers and skips to next chapter*