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11. Silver Lining

*** Starting where I left off last chapter ***

Drake sat awkwardly on the couch with Alia resting comfortably in his arms. Saying she was a cute baby really was an understatement, she was adorable. Across the room Jay was sat watching Drake, trying to weigh him up in his mind. He'd seen this man with his Mom loads of times, so why shouldn't he be ok to like? He stood up and warily walked over to where Drake was sat and held his hand out. Honestly Drake had no idea what to do so he took the small blue truck from the boy's hand and thanked him unsurely. As soon as that was done he returned to where he was playing before and stayed there until Drake called him for something to eat. He had no idea what the hell he was supposed to do with the baby, it was almost 1:00pm and she hadn't been fed since 7:30am. He was clueless about what was going on with Nicki and had no idea how long they were going to be.


Sleep was the last thing on his mind as he sat staring at her. She was still snoozing, he was dreading the moment she woke up because he'd have to break the news to her and he was barely holding himself together. He had wondered about calling Mama Carol but thought he would break down if he had to talk to her. Suddenly the nurse entered wearing an apron.

"How long will she sleep for?" He croaked, trying to clear his throat as she set up some equipment.

"Well, we gave her a little something to ease the pain so she'll probably be asleep for a while. Don't worry though, she'll wake soon Mr Samuels." She smiled reassuringly.

"Oh, call me Safaree. Please." He stood to shake her hand. "Thank you for taking care of her and everything." He fumbled with his shirt as he took his seat again, securing Nicki's petite hand back in his. "What are you doing?" He wasn't questioning her, he was just intrigued and wanted to be kept in the loop at all times.

"I'm just doing an ultrasound. It's routine practice, Safaree." She said it in a way that let him know nothing was wrong, he seemed on edge to her. "Why don't you go grab something to eat whilst she is still sleeping?" She knew what the answer would be, and she was right.

"I can't stomach anything right now, but thanks anyway." He leant forward in his chair so he was closer to his wife. When he noticed red staining the sheets where she lay. "What's happening?!" He stood up quickly making the nurse jump.

"Safaree, please. Calm down, that's not unusual for what's happening to her. This would have been happening for a few days now, she didn't mention anything?" She pulled the sheets back, warning him before she did in case he didn't want to witness anything.

"We didn't know...At least, Ion think she knew. Damn sure I didn't know." He grimaced at the sight of the bloody gown as the nurse unclipped it from around Nicki's neck and swiftly put the new, clean one on, she didn't even stir. Binning the stained gown the nurse then jotted down some notes on her chart and asked for somebody to change the sheets after she was finished with the scan. Upon squeezing the gel on to her bare stomach she began moving the equipment around Nicki's lower abdomen and watched the screen intently. He remembered how they both would watch the screen whenever they went for a scan during her other two pregnancies, he couldn't watch this one knowing that they would never see that baby. The nurse stayed like this for a while and he got concerned, looking away from Nicki briefly to see why she was taking so long, he noticed how furrowed her brow was before she pulled back with a confused look on her face. "What is it? Is something wrong?" The worry was evident in his voice as it cracked slightly.

"Safaree, just sit tight for a couple more minutes okay? I'll be right back with Dr Adams and he can answer any queries you might have." She didn't stop to let him ask anything as she walked out of the room, he tried to look at the monitor but what use would that be, he knew nothing about what a scan should look like. It felt like the nurse had been gone for ages, she had in fact being scanning Nicki for so long that in the end she set everything up so that she didn't actually have to hold it anymore. As the door opened Dr Adams was following behind the young nurse as she took him over to the monitor. Fixing his glasses and taking a seat on the wheelie chair he began to look over the screen before starting to speak minutes later.

"It looks like your wife has miscarried unfortunately Mr Samuels, I'm very sorry." Safaree sat motionless before the doctors voice caught his attention again. "But looking at the scan here, there is still a baby visible." Safaree looked between the doctor and the nurse in astonishment, neither were looking at him and they both had their eyes glued to the monitor still. "There is a possibility that Onika may have been carrying twins, she has miscarried one but by the looks of things she is still very much pregnant." There were no words to describe how he was feeling at that moment, obviously he was mortified that they had lost one of the twins but to still be blessed with a baby was amazing to him.

"And y-you're absolutely positive?" He stuttered as he moved to try and look at the screen too.

"Obviously we will have to run some more tests and keep and close eye on her to make sure the remaining twin isn't going to fall subject to miscarriage too. We'll keep her in for the night..." He looked at his watch. "...seeing as it's almost 7:00pm." After taking his gloves off Safaree thanked him more than once and he left.

"Nurse..." he waited for her to say her name.

"Oh my name is Faye, you can just call me that. Sorry I just realised I never introduced myself!" she let out a small chuckle. "Was there something you needed?"

"I just wondered whether our kids could come see her? I mean, we have a 3 month old.." He paused in thought. "..well she's almost 4 months now, and she's still breast-fed I-" The nurse politely cut him off.

"Of course they can come visit, just as long as they're nice and quiet and don't go jumping all over their Mommy!" She laughed again. "Oh, but don't let Onika feed your daughter until we're sure that the medication has worn off and is completely out of her system, kay?" He nodded understandably. "Well, we're about to change these sheets now and then we'll let her go shower, you could bring them back after that if you want?" She chirped as another nurse came in to help her get the bed set ready. Feeling slightly more positive about the whole situation he moved back over to Nicki's side and held her hand again, he didn't know how she would react about losing one of her babies but he hoped she could focus on the positive. This whole situation made him re-assess what was going on his life. From now on he wasn't going to hide anything from her and he was going to make a proper effort with his medication and take care of his growing little family, especially with another one on the way. He smiled tiredly and placed his hand on Nicki's stomach only to feel her hand rest on top of his as she opened her eyes slowly.

"Hey, how you feelin'?" He stood up to kiss her, she kissed him back.

'Uhm, a little groggy but thanks for asking." She kissed him again. "What's going on? Do they know what's wrong yet?" She asked as she winced and tried to sit herself up some more.

"Just take it easy Nic. The doctor has already checked you over twice. And yes they do know what's wrong with you." The way he said it made her feel a little anxious. He noticed this and decided to tell her. "You're pregnant." He smiled and put his hand back on her stomach as she just sat there dumbstruck.

"No, I can't be! I just came on my period a few days ago, they musta made a mistake." She looked at him seriously and that's when he knew he would have to tell her. He sighed not knowing where to start.

"They said you were miscarrying, and then..." He didn't mean to but he motioned to the stained sheets which the nurses were waiting to change. They had been called out for an emergency and said they would be back to do it later. She looked down at the bloodied sheets and her eyes immediately filled with tears.

"You mean I lost our baby?" It was that understandable seeing as she was crying at this point. He quickly jumped up and sat on the bed with her and pulled her into a hug, comforting her.

"They couldn't do anything to stop it. But the other twin is doing ok." He felt her stop and lean away from him so that she could look him in the face.

"Wait, I was having twins?" She sniffled and wiped her puffy eyes.

"Yeah, and although one couldn't be saved, we should be thankful that both weren't taken from us." She continued crying, he didn't blame her though she had just been bombarded with all of this news, some good and some bad all in the space of five minutes. Feeling her stomach growl he asked the nurses if she could go shower whilst he went to get Alia and Jay. He had completely forgotten that Drake was still looking after them. Just as he said goodbye to Nicki none other than the man himself walked through the door with Jay at his feet and Alia wrapped in a pink blanket in his arms. She was screaming. Jay looked most unimpressed with his hands pressed tightly over his eyes as he ran towards Safaree, who was still stood at Nicki's bedside.

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't know what to do! She won't stop crying and there was nothing to feed her so I had no choice but to come here!" He blurted it out quickly, he sounded like an overwhelmed new mother. Nicki automatically held her arms out to take Alia, hearing her crying in distress like that was upsetting her all over again and she had only just stopped with her own crying. Jay was trying to climb up Safaree's leg as he bent over to lift him up.

"You been a good boy?" He got nothing more than a very ferocious head nod and a wide smile. Drake sighed in relief when Alia's screams stopped as soon as she was attached to Nicki's breast. The nurses had okayed her to go ahead and breast-feed.

"So...uhm, how is everything? How'd it go?" It was the most awkward way of phrasing the question 'What's wrong with you?' that Safaree had ever heard, making him smile a little. Looking at Nicki for approval she just smiled and returned her gaze back Jay who was climbing on to the bed now. Safaree had to help him get comfortable next to Nicki and make sure he was in the way of Alia being fed.

"Everything is gon' be ok." He looked up at Drake who was staring at the still bloody bed sheets. Safaree noticed and turned back to his wife. "Do you want anything babe? Imma go get something to eat." Nicki listed the food she wanted and he and Drake went to get it.

"Listen, I just wanna apologise for actin' like an ass towards you. I'm real sorry. And I wanna say also, thank you for today, we really needed it." Drake was shocked at what he was hearing.

"It's really no problem, they're great kids!" He chuckled slightly reminiscing of the day he had with them. "So what was going on with her? They work it out yet?" He placed his hands in his pockets as they continued down to the hospital canteen. And Safaree sighed before talking.

"She was pregnant with twins...She miscarried one this afternoon."

"I'm so sorry to hear that...I didn't know." He felt like he just put his foot in it and ruined their flowing conversation. But he hadn't. Safaree didn't know what it was about Drake, but there was something telling him that he genuinely was a good guy.

"Look, to put aside our differences, you wanna come over for dinner with us on friday? Nic's family are coming over for the weekend." This was Safaree's new start, he was offering an olive branch to Drake and it was up to him whether he accepted or not.

*BAM!! There you have it, chapter 11 :O I actually had to research for this guys -_____- Felt like homework...but fun homework....and I'm pretty sure my Dad is a little concerned as to why I am researching pregnancy symptoms an awl that! XD Anywaaays I may have got some things medically incorrect but, shit I ain't no doctor soo wutevs! >_< I never knew that could happen tho, like, I didn't know you could be pregnant w/twins and only miscarry one! I was gonna have it be triplets and wind up w/her having twins but then I thought she would be madly overwhelmed with a depressed husband an autistic 4 year old, a small baby AND then two newborns!! O___O Ok, well sorry for any typos :// and I might go and update FY now just so that I'm not neglecting it!! But that's it for tonight! *looks at you all sternly* Thanku guys for all of the previous comments!!! Hope this was ok for you all!!*


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