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22. Late Arrival - Part Two

*Hope this is okaaayish! I really don't like it because I feel like it's really stilted cause I did it over a few days which I hate doing! Also I hate writing birth scenes, just saying. And I think I already mentioned this before but I have some weird hip condition and it isn't good for me to be sat too long like I am when I type so this would have been posted AGES ago if it wasn't for that reason and exams :/ Sorry! Anyway, I'm posting the full chapter on FY after my last exam and then I'll do CM. Hopefully my ideas and writing should be better after exams are outta the way! I'm so tired so I'm prolly typing a whole load of nonsense :(*

Drake sat Alia down on the couch whilst he fixed the TV on to a good channel, he felt terrible but hearing Nicki groaning in pain upstairs was making him feel kind of awkward. He didn't quite know what to do with himself. Imagine his horror when he heard SB shouting for him. At first he just thought it was just in his mind and that the volume of the TV mixed with Nicki's moaning was making him hear noises. But then he heard it again. Quickly scooping Alia up he made his way to their room cautiously, not knowing what he was going to be greeted with. Opening the door he popped his head in slowly only to see Nicki using the dresser as something to lean on as she swayed. Safaree was fixing the floor mat.

"Oh there you are, took you so long?" He shook his head quickly. "Never mind, could you go dial for Faye? Her name and number is on the paper pinned to the fridge." He never took his attention away from what his was doing, in fact he seemed more frantic and panicky than Nicki.

"Sure. What 'bout Alia? You want me to put her to bed?"

"Yeah, I'on think she'll sleep though." He nodded and did as he was asked. After he lay Alia down he skipped down the stairs swiftly and called Faye. He car had broken down but she was doing her best to get there as soon as she could. As he moved quickly back up to their room he told Safaree what Faye had said and was about to leave again when SB stopped him.

"Woah, where you goin'?"

"Back downstairs...Why?" His face was shocked thinking that SB needed him to stay. He knew nothing about birth and all that gory stuff.

"Well I might need an extra pair of hands." He couldn't elaborate any further before Jay appeared at the door, wide eyed at what was going on. He grumbled when Drake tried to touch him, forcing Safaree to deal with the touchy tyke. The whole room fell silent, barring Nicki's recovering breaths as she stood up straight. Resting one hand on her lower back she leant on herself, rubbing her bump with the other hand.

"Don't look so freaked out." She smiled at his nervous face as she moved back over to the edge of the bed.

"Sorry, all this stuff is new to me." The jittery way he rubbed the back of his head was a dead giveaway.

"Mm, I figured." She nodded before returning some of the moisture back to her lips as she licked them. "Could you please hand me that water?"

"Sure." He did as she asked, watching her like a hawk whilst she replenished her thirst and set the bottle back down on the carpeted floor. Her face contorted as she felt another contraction starting.

"Oh God." Sucking air through her teeth she steadily stood herself up and swayed some more.

"Are you okay? Do you need me to get Safaree?" His face right now was priceless not to mention the way he was stood.

"Mmm. No, no I'm fine." She breathed deeply after each word, regaining her breath. "Can you sit down, you're makin' me feel on edge." She smiled at him as he rushed to sit on the wicker chair whilst she resumed her seat on the bed. Relief washed over him as Safaree re-entered the room with his phone pressed to his ear.

"No, they're gettin' closer together." He paused and focused on Nicki's body language as she readied herself again. "Well, where are you?" Drake could hear the tone of anger rising in his voice, more out of panic than actual anger. "Shit, Faye that's ages away!" Folding his lips he quickly moved over to his wife as she panted through another contraction, he knew they were getting worse. Even Drake could tell. "Aight, see you soon." He ended the call and slid his phone back into his pocket whilst he soothed Nicki.

"What's goin' on?"

"She can't get her car goin' and she's stuck waitin' for fucking roadside assistance." He was interrupted by Nicki groaning as she clenched her teeth. After a few uncomfortable moments of listening to her moan out in pain he continued where he left off. "If she's not here soon I have to get her on loud speaker, she'll have to talk us through it."

"Us?" Drake rose to his feet unsurely. He didn't want to impose nor did he want to be an unhelpful prick and refuse to help.

"Yeah. Us. Don't worry you ain't gonna be gettin' your hands dirty Drake." He shook his head and helped Nicki to stand as she grasped at his tatted arms.

"Ugh, they're gettin' worse." Straightening her back out she kept using Safaree's frame as a crutch.

"I know babe but we're almost there, just keep doin' those breathin' techniques yeah?" She only nodded as she tried to sweep the hair from her flushed face. "Drake could you go run the water and fill the tub? Not too hot though."

"Uhm, yeah. Sure." Not hesitating he did what he requested and ran the taps to a nice temperature. He could hear her humming as SB muttered comforting words to her. This went on for more than twenty-five minutes, Nicki was getting closer to giving birth and Faye was still waiting on the roadside assistance. She had no choice but to be there for them via the phone. As Safaree got in touch with her he motioned for Drake to help Nicki into the tub and ran downstairs to grab everything Faye was telling him to get. She'd stripped down to nothing but her underwear as Drake cautiously held her hand and helped her to lower down into the water.

"Thank you." She breathed as the water submerged her more and more until she was sat comfortably, leaning back.

"Is it okay? Not too hot?"

"No, it's fine." She fixed her now soaked bra strap and looked back to the door frame hearing Safaree coming back. Drake moved out of the way immediately, he felt like a spare part just watching on as he was.

"Okay, I got everythin' we need." He sat the phone next to the sink and put it on loud speaker before sitting himself on the side of the tub. "You okay?"

"Mmm. Yeah, for now." Hearing Alia crying Drake jumped up quickly, happy to get out of their way as Nicki began having another contraction.


It had been well over three more hours and finally at around 2am Faye managed to get to the house ensuring that Drake didn't have to help, much to his relief. He could still hear everything though. It had been more than fourteen hours and still no baby, Faye concluded that it was down to the baby's position since she was laying back to back with Nicki, which is why she was having so much back pain. Safaree felt her hand tighten around his as he was sat behind her acting as a support. They got her out of the tub before Faye arrived, partly because the water was cold and it didn't seem to be doing anything to help with the pain and was in fact slowing down the contractions. Faye was trying to encourage her to sit up or get on her knees but she was well and truly drained, which was beginning to worry her a little.

"Safaree could you come 'round to the front of her? I'm going to step out to make a phone call. I won't be a minute." she kept her voice calm and smiled as he did what she asked before she left the room.

"Sit up Nic, Faye said it'll be easier for you." She had no choice anyway since he'd moved from behind her she had nothing to lean on. Slowly sitting herself up she kept a tight hold on both of Safaree's hands as he helped her to her knees. She was right when she said it was going to be a long night. The hours went by excruciatingly slow, and Faye was beyond happy when she started crowning. If it didn't happen soon the only option left was rushing her to hospital and that would have just caused more stress along the way. Safaree couldn't remember her being in this much pain last time or even the time before that as he rubbed her back. Both he and Faye were uttering words of encouragement as she panted and groaned.

"You're almost there Nicki." Even though Faye was only trying to help her, she could feel herself getting more angry and impatient.

"You've been sayin' that for the last two hours." Her head was hung low as her arms rested on the side of the bed weakly. She was glad to be off of the bathroom tiles, they were hurting her knees although that was nothing compared to the other pain she was experiencing. Safaree was massaging her lower back to try and remove some of the pain, it was working a little so she was thankful.

"I know Nicki, I'm sorry, but I really mean it this time. You've got the hard part done." She was supporting the baby's head with both hands since it was a fair drop to the floor from where she was. Watching her facial expression Safaree frowned before speaking up worriedly.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, there's just a little more blood than I'd imagined." He followed her eyes and studied the red patch on the mat he'd set up, it was all over her legs and Faye's gloved hands too.

"Is that normal? 'Cause I don't remember seein' that much with the other two."

"Look, let's just focus on keeping her calm and getting the baby out first." She was terrible at hiding her concern as SB unsurely turned back to massaging his distressed wife.

"Please, just get her out!" She'd gone from aggressively shouting to pleading tearfully. It didn't last much longer before that familiar feeling of relief washed over her heated body. She'd done it.

"Here, get ready to grab her." Faye guided the baby's body between her legs and into her hands as Safaree helped her turn around and sit back against the foot of the bed with the baby secured against her chest. Working quickly, Faye rummaged through her bag of equipment to find the clamp for the cord. In the meantime she was glad to hear the baby start crying momentarily before settling again.

"She's finally here." Safaree spoke exasperatedly as he stroked her head gently whilst Nicki sat exhausted next to him, looking at the baby in her arms she shut her eyes and smiled thanking God that it was over. Watching the baby intently SB was forced to tear his eyes away when he saw Nicki's hands relax on the hold she had of their baby.

"Safaree go grab me some more towels, quickly!" He whipped his head up to look at Faye as she sat in between Nicki's legs. There was blood everywhere, around three white towels were all stained crimson red as she held them in place. "Safaree!" He was frozen, everything went quiet in his mind as he kept changing his focus between a flustered Faye and a lifeless Nicki. She was no longer sitting but more slumped against the bed now, the baby still laying on her chest and her hands resting on either side of her.


*I'm sorry it's a little short, the next one should be better executed than this one :( Mainly because my exams will be over! Thank goodness, anyway I hope this was alright :/ Thanku so much for comments left on the previous chapter! ^_^ *


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