Friday, 24 May 2013

Quick Question

I was just wondering how many people are actually still reading this or will still read if I post?

I know I haven't updated any my Onikafaree fics for a while and that's honestly because I've been finding it to write for them but my last two posts were really struggling for page views. So I might scrap this fic if it's gonna go the same way, this one always gets less page views anyway so if it's even less now...I might just delete it.

Anyway, if you are still checking for updates on this please let me know and I'll keep going with it.



  1. Replies
    1. :) :) Oh and thanku for all your comments on my other posts too! x

  2. Girl dont play! U will keep all Onikafaree stories going, I'm in love with them! Lol deadass tho plz keep them

  3. Yessss I'm here for it !!!! Keep all of them

  4. I am i check your page everyday to see if there's a nee post i love all of your stories!!!!

  5. Im still checking in on all of your fics tbh.

  6. I'm here for this!! keep posting plz , u do an amazing job

  7. Oh, this is actually a lot more people than I had expected tbh. Thanku guys :) I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do now :/ Maybe I'll just keep it up but only post once every so often on here? Idek anymore. I guess I'll just do that OR hand the fics over to my friend once she's not so busy and has time to post? Well, anyway thanku for your support guys and thx for staying tuned lol